The CVO of the Railways has not changed since the end of the tenure in October.


Kundan Singh, New Delhi: The absence of a new appointment, even after the end of his tenure as Chief Vigilance in an important ministry of the government, which has a slogan of government involvement and zero tolerance against corruption, shows how serious the government is. We are talking about the post of Chief Vigilance Officer of the Indian Railways. Ramesh Kumar Jha PED Vigilance, also known as Chief Vigilance Officer in Railways, his current term is over. But still remain in that position.

According to the rules of the Railway Board governing the Indian Railways, the office of PED is three years in the rank of CVO of the Railways. While in other ministries, the post of CVO is appointed for the logo of another ministry or cadre, in the railway, an officer of the internal cadre of the railway is appointed on this post.

The tenure of the current CVO has been in controversy anyway. There were allegations of needlessly harassing the team producing semi high speed train Vande India.

The tenure of PED posted at the current post has ended in October last year. Even after the end of October 2020, no new appointment has been made nor has the process started. In such a situation, these questions are natural to raise in the Ministry of Railways where crores of projects are under construction. As such, this position becomes even more important. By the way, the question arises as to what is the reason behind why the new appointments are not being made at such an important post.

In the last few years, the CBI has clamped down on several big officials working on the major railway projects. Last year, NFR Railway CEO Construction Mahendra Singh Chauhan was caught red-handed by the CBI for stepping into Rs 1 crore. Complaints of the ongoing projects in the North East had been made several times in the CVO Railway Board. Despite this, no concrete action was done on behalf of its board.