The danger of pits on the earth, the depth of mysterious holes in Chile is increasing continuously

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The mysterious hole in Chile is deepening day by day. photo / abc

santiago – a mysterious hole Appeared suddenly in a mining field in Chile with a diameter of about 25 meters. Surprisingly, this crater with a width of 25 meters and an initial depth of only 200 meters is increasing every day.

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but it’s not like that. The scary part about this is how the hole is still growing. Aerial footage captured by the drone showed the sinkhole, which is said to be more than 25 meters in diameter.

The entire incident is being investigated by the National Service of Geology and Mining (SERNEGEOMIN). Scientists came to know about this on Saturday (30/7/2022).

The researchers found that the sinkhole is located on a large piece of land in the Atacama region, reportedly operated by the Canadian Ludin Mining copper mine.

Despite the fact that the crater does not pose an immediate threat to communities in the area, Cristóbal Ziga, the mayor of the local commune, said that people have always expressed concern that it is surrounded by mining deposits.

Mayor Zuniga said, “We are concerned because the same fear we have always had as a community is the fact that we are surrounded by mining deposits and underground work beneath our community.”

He added: “It’s still active, it’s still evolving and it’s something that has never been seen before in our community.”

The site is currently being investigated by the National Geological and Mining Service, Cerngeomin and a number of relevant authorities.

The site was closed for further investigation and in its statement, Lundin Mining said that no workers were injured or affected by the pit.

Lundin Mining owns 80 percent of the existing properties. mysterious hole He. While the rest is with Sumitomo Corporation of Japan.



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