The date of the Ciudad de Santander Triathlon 2024

The date of the Ciudad de Santander Triathlon 2024

This test, one of the best in northern Spain, will return on September 22, 2024.

The triathlon, organized by the CD TRICICLO TEAM, is characterized by its Olympic distance and the absence of drafting, which offers a unique challenge to athletes.

The circuits

  • Swimming: Triathletes start with a 1,500 meter swim, starting from the shore of Gamazo dam. The route includes an ‘Australian-style’ exit and it is hoped that the tide will be favourable, making the test easier.
  • Cycling: The 44-kilometer cycling section promises to be exciting. The participants will travel in a circuit closed to traffic, passing emblematic areas of Santander, such as the Magdalena Peninsula and Avenida de la Reina Victoria.
  • Foot race: Finally, the athletes will face a 10.8 kilometer foot race, in a circuit that passes through areas of bicycle paths and other marked routes, ending at Zaera Dune.
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In addition to sporting excitement, the Santander City Triathlon offers a wide range of services for participants, including medical assistance, changing rooms with showers, massage area after the competition, and cash prizes for absolute winners. category.


One of the most anticipated developments is the opening of registration for this prestigious event.

Although the exact date has not been announced, the organization is expected to reveal all the details soon through its social networks and official website.

Those interested should be attentive to secure their place in one of the most popular competitions in the sports calendar.

Santander: A Tourist and Sports Destination

Santander is known not only for its competitive sports, but also for its cultural and tourist wealth.

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The city offers a perfect combination of natural beauty, with its beaches and the Magdalena Peninsula, and cultural wealth, with places like Centro Botín de Arte.

It is an ideal destination for family and friends of triathletes who want to explore and enjoy the city while supporting their loved ones in competition.