The day Tom Cruise ordered a car as fast as Michael Schumacher

The day Tom Cruise ordered a car as fast as Michael Schumacher

The Mercedes SLK first generation is a convertible with a retractable rigid roof full of charm, although many have accused it of not achieving the sportsmanship that can be felt in the BMW Z3 and Porsche Boxster, his contemporaries. But, as always, there are exceptions. And what you see is without doubt the cruelest of all cruelties: they made a ‘humble’ Mercedes SLK in 1998.


The car in question was born as a SLK 230 compressor with right-hand drive. However, it is not as if it is stopped on the roads, because with it, 193 CV will roll at 227 km/h and from 0 to 100 in 7.3 seconds. But as luck would have it, this car took its ‘way’ along with that of the actor and producer. Tom Cruise (and his former partner Nicole Kidman), who spent a ‘time’ at the end of the last century in the United Kingdom to shoot the movie Eyes Closed,.

The movement, and because he felt an unstoppable love For everything that can move very quickly, on land, sea, or air, the American actor bought it SLK and made him put the aesthetic details of Brabus. In other words, the surrounding and the lowered suspensions, basically. But it didn’t convince him because maybe the car has very little push compared to what he usually drives in the United States, so he went straight to Brabus.

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He asked for the majority

He asked for the wildest and most powerful thing I can’t reach: AMG, the sub-brand belonging to Daimler that is already responsible for raising the performance of Mercedes to the point of insanity. And, yes, they have a thing for him. They plan to release a short series of preparations for SLK that makes cars real dragsters, although full of the best German technology. So Cruise didn’t hesitate and sent them the car when he introduced it, 8,000 km in your bookmarks.

To change the Mercedes SLK 230 Compressor in the Brabus SLK 65 The first thing they did was remove the 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine and install a big 6.5-liter V8. It was the wildest Mercedes engine they could trust, but to make it even more angry, they put in improved crankshafts and pistons.

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Able to beat supercars

The result is a power of approximately 450 CV, and the maximum speed increased to 286 km/h, plus a step from 0 to 100. We found no reliable data, but not much more than 4.0 seconds. To put this in context, let’s say a Ferrari F355 offered 380 CV and a Porsche 911 Turbo (from generation 993) remains in 408 CV.

As a complement, it is equipped with stronger brakes, which serve Brabus; other suspensions are even stronger; and the interior has been changed, where only the mats have 22 km of thread in the seams (and it’s a two-seater). Everything has an elegance, and the only element that probably comes from it is the handbrake lever, made of solid aluminum with some holes reminiscent of a machine gun.

It turns out it was just five copies, three with a left-hand drive and two with a right-hand drive. There is no point in building more because the cost of the car with the preparation is 139,000 euros. For example, if a Ferrari F355 At that time, the cost was more or less 116,000 euros.

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Michael Schumacher and Bill Gates

It was learned that one of those vehicles was left behind by Michael Schumacher. The other, apparently, ended up in the garage of Bill Gates. Of the two created with right-hand drives, one went to Japan, and there it ended up damaged in an accident, so this is what you see in the rare copy, which is right-hand drives.

The car that the couple Cruise-Kidman sold when he returned to the United States, they tried him in the British program Top Gear several decades ago, and Jeremy Clarkson, its former presenter, was clear in his conclusions: “It’s the scariest car I’ve ever driven.”. And while behind the wheel, ‘terror’ is a genre that Tom Cruise likes very much.