The death penalty in the United States: they condemned that they implemented the ‘longest execution in history’

A murderer endured the death penalty in Alabama “Three hours of pain and suffering” what can be considered “Longest Execution in History”According to Reprive, an NGO that fights for human rights and finances an independent autopsy.

Joe Nathan James Jr., 50, died of a controversial lethal injection on July 28, despite desperate objections from the victim’s family, who fought for the honor of his life.

The injection application was scheduled for 6:00 pm local time, although the time of his death was announced at 9:27 pm, which, among other indications, aroused the suspicion of the local press.

The execution, for unexplained reasons, was earlier postponed to 9:04 am. “The Execution of Joe Nathan James Jr. Lasted longer than any other lethal injection in recorded US historyAnd may be the longest using either method,” according to RepRive.

“To subject someone to pain and suffering for up to three hours The most cruel and unusual definition of punishment is“, He added.

Changes to the always controversial execution of the sentenced person prompted the NGO to independently conduct an autopsy on the body, despite the fact that Prisons Commissioner Jon Hamm insisted that “nothing extraordinary” caused the delay. Banana and dismissed the speculations of journalists. who was the prisoner sedated before execution,

According to The Atlantic, “Something terrible was done to James when he was tied to a stretcher with the doors locked.” The journalist for Elizabeth Bruening magazine reported that “(the condemned man’s) hands and wrists were pierced everywhere with needles that could be bent”,

Furthermore, other experts consulted through that medium indicated that the people who were in charge of ending James Jr.’s life were “not qualified” for the job and worked with him. gross incompetence,

autopsy indicated that “Execution began a few hours before the media was allowed to enter the room” Where you are tied to a table and the procedure is carried out.

The revolutionaries were “locked in a prison van without their phones”,

James “essentially faced two executions: a gruesome procession behind closed doors and then a theatrical performance for witnesses”Release the accused.

The NGO recalled that Alabama canceled the execution of Doyle Lee Haim in 2018 after the team had trouble finding the right vein for injection, trying in vain to find the right point while trying in vain to use the needle at least 11 times. With prick in his hand and waist. ,

Haim finally died of cancer last year. “Instead of learning a lesson, James’ execution shows that Alabama officials are using that rigged execution as a model,” Repriv said.

Joe Nathan James Jr., sentenced to death for murder in Alabama

Joe Nathan James Jr., sentenced to death for murder in Alabama

Joe Nathan James Jr. Asino and Faith Hall

The protagonist of a confused and controversial execution in one of the few states where the death penalty is legally supported, Killed Faith Hall in 1994Mother of two children whom she previously dated in 1999.

When the relationship ended, the killer harassed his later fatal victim “for an extended period”.

Prosecutors said James did not accept the disapproval, because he not only harassed her, but also accused him of showing up at her home, where she lived with her young daughters, who were three and six years old at the time. Legal documents allege that she also threatened to kill Hall and her ex-husband.

On 15 August 1994, he shot and killed her in an apartment and was found guilty two years later after a false trial. He was hanged on 28 July 2022.

The victim’s family disagreed with the sentence and decided not to attend the execution. He demanded life imprisonment.



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