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‘The decision to leave’: Park Chan-wook reminds us that cinema in a criminal love story is as declassified as chaos and beauty as it is necessary

“Why, why am I so afraid of this cloud of mist?” This is how the lyrics of ‘Ange’ begin, that song summarizes the complex narrative kaleidoscope in a few verses From Park Chan-wook’s latest film. In ‘Deciding to Leave’ a loving passion guides the footage through knuckles, empty swimming pools, insomnia and shelter from the rising tide. The result isn’t perfect, but it’s charming enough that you decide never to leave its universe.

legend fog

Like Hae-joon’s life, ‘Decision to Quit’ lives in a relentless haze that leaves an air of awkwardness throughout the footage: His engaging maze of plots and characters allows him to play with the audience and with his protagonist, adding layers of depth to the romantic drama and allows itself the luxury of ending in the same fog that accompanies the entire film.

after watching so many movies It usually doesn’t happen that we need a process of re-optimization in the real world when turning on the lightsBut after spending two hours and twenty minutes in the hands of Park Chan-wook, a short period of reflection is almost mandatory to try to make sense of what we’ve seen before it leaves our heads, Like someone waking up from an incredible dream who doesn’t want it to go away so soon.

Decision To Leave 2

Perhaps that’s why there are some who find its final (and beautiful) scene a deep disappointment, which transforms the edges of plots that do In a way as beautiful as poetry, as vast as it is certain. Park Chan-woo forces the viewer to say goodbye to the tape bit by bit, no matter how much time they want to spend there. It’s not that the film leaves things untold, it’s that it taps into the intelligence of the person who’s on the other side. know that sometimes it’s better not to bring everything to a satisfactory conclusion, It was never necessary for the grand finale.

sleep, now you don’t paint anything here

those of us who write about cinema Sooner or later we’ve all met someone who asks for “objective criticism”., dissecting the film almost as if it were a mathematical formula: the script divided by negative points, by the direction and the actors. But, how do you approach this perceived and impossible objectivity in a film like ‘Chodne Ka Faisla’, which bets on intrigue, romance, one-sidedness and police drama with a hint of comedy, and succeeds in all of them? it’s too much How to explain that, despite his perfect mastery in all areas, he is not perfect?

Decision 1

Park Chan-wook clearly drinks from Alfred Hitchcock to create his puzzles, but He walks away from the master of the mystery by changing only a small part of the perspective. Wook doesn’t care about who did it or why they did it, but how the person who did it feels… and knowing that makes the protagonist feel better. guilt, love, passion, loneliness, insomnia, breaking with your ideals, deceitCrazy harassment, voice note: ‘Decided to Leave’ is endless within its street poetry and its passionate and impossible romance.

Key piece of the puzzle doesn’t solve the mystery of the perpetrator or their motivations, but what unusual emotions (but understandable within the sick logic of the film) are evoked in the characters. Park Chan-wook’s tape is a nuclear bomb that slowly but surely destroys everything in its pathLeaving behind three people whose lives were completely shattered even before the explosion.

complete imperfection

Although ‘Chodne Ka Faisla’ is a great film and one of the best films of the year, it is no less true that It doesn’t quite reach the level of Park Chan-wook’s best offers. This is not something that speaks against the tape, but rather in favor of the author of ‘Old Boy’, ‘La Doncella’ or ‘Sympathy for Mr Vengeance’. While its visual innovation is exciting, the story isn’t as compact as you’d like.And this added to the sprawling, loose narrative and a slow start that’s difficult to get into doesn’t make it as well rounded as it could have been.

It does not mean that it is a minor task or that you ignore it.: ‘Deciding to Quit’ Is the Story Between Insomnia and the ‘I Love You’ Phrases That Went Unsaid A unique version and one of the most precious and authentic visual identities that cinema has given us in recent years. yes it is dense. Yes, you may feel an emptiness when you’re finished. Yes, the characters could solve their problems just by saying two sentences to each other at the right time. But cinema is not logical.

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Park Chan-wook knows that cinema is chaos and eschews human logic. So in ‘Deciding to Leave’ he brings together genres, ideas, hopes, love and emotional loss, knowing he has carte blanche that a camera gives him to create and narrate in his own style. Fortunately, at no point does he sound horrifying or have his pulse quiver due to the daring of what he does, its excessive duration or the way some plot lines are left hanging. A director with his own personality does what he wants, although not always at the center of the goal. And she’s absolutely right.

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