The Differential: What does the rise in online shopping mean?

The Differential: What does the rise in online shopping mean?

we talk about online shop, the axis on which we are going to structure in three perspectives. buys on the internet costMake pollution, pollution, e.t.c. And that’s why we want to analyze all these pollution, all waste management and reuse in online purchases. To understand this topic a little more we talked three experts Which will help us to understand this world and answer all the doubts that exist.

first we talk Carmen Valor Martinez, teacher and researcher at the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences “ICADE” in the Marketing Department of the Universidad Pontificia de Comillas. your research Focuses on transitioning to sustainability with a focus on consumption and markets, we talked with him about environmental impact of online shoppingWhich has increased a lot since the pandemic.

then we talk Jose Manuel Vera Munozzi, representative of the local police, traffic and mobility in the city council of Chicalana de la Frontera. This municipality of 84,000 inhabitants has announced the construction of low emission zone, in which The movement of vehicles is limited in the historic center of the city, And Jose Manuel is one of the promoters of the project. With him we talked about Extra Business, which means they bring your purchases to your home or selected address.

And finally, after talking about the increase in online shopping volume over the past few years, we’re just interested to know Where does that garbage go and how to recycle it properly, we talked to Christina Munozu, Corporate Communications Coordinator at Ecoembes. we talked with him aboutfor waste management How else growth in online commerce And of course in terms of packaging, cartoning etc.


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