The digital sexual revolution has already begun: apps, advanced toys, and the metaverse

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Considering that technology is everywhere these days, it should be no surprise that it has reached intimate relationships and if not tell this Russian computer scientist and his crazy love story.

From dating apps like Tinder to smart sex toys and virtual reality experiences that are already used more than the traditional way of meeting casually, Sexual technology is changing the way we experience intimacy,

Without going any further, in a prediction that will surely embarrass some people, Sam Hall, the mind behind Mixed Reality Rooms, explains how “sex in the metaverse” may be more common than expected and will be more common in classic pages and adult Can leave apps behind. Next decade.

“Immersive experiences are compelling, they simulate images exceptionally well, and when combined with haptic technology, such as sex toys that react to stimuli and produce physiological results, they appear realistic. Will provide an experience very close to the cheese,” he says. But what does this technological revolution actually mean for humans?

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Impact on human sexuality: cause of greater connection or greater distance?

While sexual technology offers millions of new opportunities for pleasure and getting to know each other, It also leaves some complicated questions on the table about how it affects the human ability to truly connect with others.,

Are we experiencing deeper and better connections thanks to these devices, or is the authenticity of human intimacy being lost?

On the one hand, if we talk about something that is more involved in society, such as dating apps, it must be said that there is a risk of relying too much on technology for these types of situations, and That part is the real human. Hiding behind a profile makes nature disappear – whether it is a fake profile or a scam, we should give it up.

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On the other hand, and already going into those virtual worlds and those advanced sex toys, Hall believes that these innovations will make virtual sex the norm in technologically advanced countries.,

In addition, he assures that it may favor people who have difficulty finding a partner in real life and who are more shy when it comes to establishing relationships with other people, as in Japan or in general. Typically in Asian cultures, occurs without moving.

“They can be whatever they want in these virtual worlds and, in theory, there will be no limit to the experiences they can enjoy,” he says. He added, “People already use online multiplayer games and simulations that virtually replicate sex with their partners and strangers.”

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Although it all sounds like a futuristic movie, We also have to be a little realistic: this isn’t going to happen overnight., While there are already people looking for love in the Metaverse, the full integration of virtual reality, the Metaverse, and sex toys is still in its infancy, though that doesn’t mean it won’t happen.


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