The director of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 hinted that we will be hearing more about Daredevil in the future


Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 may introduce Daredevil in the upcoming DLC ​​or the sequel: the absence of the Nelson & Murdock badge is not a mistake, according to its director.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 It has many references to other characters and superheroes from the Marvel universe. And the director of the game suggests that we will see Matt Murdock (Daredevil) in the future.

Many references return from the first game (Dr. Strange’s Sancta Santorum, the Avengers tower, the Wakanda embassy) and there are new ones (the Baxter tower from 4 Amazingreferences to Madripoor that may connect to Wolverine…).

However, An Easter egg that mentions Daredevil mysteriously disappeared from the game. Many thought it was a mistake … but the director of the game, Bryan Intihar, let it be that there is a great story behind it …

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Asked by IGN, Intihar said “That’s a good question“.”Good find. Stay focused.”

Nelson and Murdock have moved from New York…but will they return?


The easter egg in question is a plaque found in the neighborhood of Hell’s Kitchen, which reads “Nelson and Murdock Attorneys at Law“, that is, the law firm of Matt Murdock… aka Daredevil.

But in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, fans discovered just that that plate is still there… but empty. As if the programmers forgot to put in the harmless reference… or it means they moved.

Intihar’s response, urging us to “remain attentive”, makes us think that everything is part of a plan. It’s not unreasonable to think that they removed the reference because Daredevil may appear in a DLC for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 (not yet confirmed) whose offices in a new and more convenient location for the story.

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It could also be that Intihar was misleading, and the absence of Murdock and Nelson’s name on the plaque Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 It was a mistake. This isn’t the worst mistake Insomniac has made, of course… But we want to see Daredevil in the PlayStation “Insomniacverse”!