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Sunday, February 28, 2021

The dreaded dictator, who hated Indians, talking to dead bodies, drinking blood and eating meat of humans

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There have been one to one dreaded and cynical dictators in the world. But the stories of Uganda President Idi Amin, who was the ruler of Uganda, still haunts. An army chief who became the ruler of his country on the basis of hating Indians and was then recognized as the most cruel dictator. About 50 years ago, on this day, Idi Amin took over the power of Uganda in a coup.

After this, the soul shivers even today after hearing stories of his dreadful rule for nearly eight years. He drove out more than 60 thousand Indians. Not only this, he got about 10 lakh people murdered in his own country. Among them were judges, policemen, professors, scientists, ministers and leaders.

Dream came and ordered Indians to run

Within a year of Uganda assuming power, Idi Amin created trouble for the Indians living there. Idi Amin said that he had a dream and God ordered Asian citizens to leave the country. At first the Asians did not take it seriously, but due to strict action they soon realized the danger. These people were allowed to carry only 55 pounds and 250 kg of goods while leaving the country.

Horrific story of cruelty and vandalism

There are many stories of the cruelty of this eccentric ruler. There are some people who are shocked to hear their souls. The BBC quoted several stories from the book ‘A State of Blood: The Inside Story of Idi Amin’. Henry Kayenba in his book told that Idi Amin not only killed his enemies but also committed much vandalism with his dead bodies. The kidneys, liver, lips, nose and genitals of several bodies were missing.

Talk of eating human flesh yourself

It is also mentioned in this book that Idi Amin had boasted several times that he eats human flesh. Idi Amin had said that if your partner gets injured during the fight, you can kill and eat it, so that you do not die of starvation yourself. On one occasion he said that the meat of humans is more salty than leopard meat. Amin’s servant later revealed that he saw a severed head in the freeze.

Wife’s ex boyfriend beheaded

Idi Amin had five wives and more than 50 children. Apart from this, he had complete harem. Idi Amin’s fifth wife was an ex-boyfriend of Sara Kyolaba, who was beheaded. The servant also revealed this. He told that a room was always closed, no one was allowed to go in it. Sara Kyolaba was anxious to know this. There were two freezes inside, one of which contained the head of her ex-boyfriend Jeez Gita.

Harem of at least 30 women

Like Sara’s lover, he had beheaded many more women lovers. When Idi Amin’s heart came upon the girlfriend of Kabali Kagawa, head of the Industrial Court of Uganda, his bodyguard shot Kabali and picked up his girlfriend. It is difficult to say how much Amin had a love affair. But there used to be more than 30 women in his harem.

Confessed to drinking blood

Idi Amin belonged to the Kakwa tribe and drinking blood is common among the people of this tribe. Some people in Uganda also believe that he drank blood to enemies because this is the custom in this tribe. It was also revealed that he used to spend time alone with the dead bodies of his enemies.

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