The dream that turned into a nightmare. This Harry Potter actor received a lot of criticism after leaving the saga

 The dream that turned into a nightmare.  This Harry Potter actor received a lot of criticism after leaving the saga

The actor entered the world of theater after The Deathly Hallows and the critics attacked him fiercely.

He is not one of the lead actors of the Harry Potter saga, but Neville Longbottom plays an important role in the plot, Be it his five points that won Gryffindor the House Cup, his moment with the Remembrancer when he forgot his robe, or Snape’s Boggart dressed up as his grandmother, this underdog student made a place in people’s hearts Potterheads,

When such a huge saga ends, many actors find themselves in complicated situations, and making a 180-degree turn at such a young age is very complicated. Its clear case is its own Matthew Lewis, Who gives life to this student. At MegaCon in Orlando (Florida), the actor participated as a guest in a presentation, where he talked about his life and his life. first role After the saga, which It was a nightmare for him.

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Despite failure, Matthew Lewis gives himself another dramatic opportunity

Like him, many of the actors in this saga tried to enter the world of theater, and in fact one of them encouraged him to take the role he wanted, as our MoviePilot colleagues report: “When this play came out, So I thought: ‘Yeah okay, I’ll do it. Alan Rickman said I should do it. So I’m going to do it. I dealt with it the same way I always do, And it was terrible. I was terrible. The reviews were terrible” Seeing that every week a new journalist criticized him for his performance, he burst out: “Finally I went to see the director and told him I couldn’t take it anymore, and he said to me: “Ah, that’s it. So I’ve been waiting.” “I think he knew that was exactly what would happen.”

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The disappointment became inspiration thanks to this director, who gave him acting and staging classes and created a happy ending to this tragic story, as Collider tells us: “He gave me some training sessions. We sat down and practiced the basics of staging, Discovering characters, creating characters, the whole process and things like that.” Thanks to this, Matthew Lewis felt his passion for acting once again and appeared in Our boy and the unfaithful.


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