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The Earth is Feminine: An Opinion Article by Felix Frutos, Head of the Cleaning Sector at UGT FeSMC CLM.

The world we know is the result of people’s opinions on Earth, that land, whose name and history are written in the feminine, that history that unexpectedly showed women, although they are the ones who promoted the rights equally for women, men and children.

Our world would be completely different without these women, as their discoveries and achievements have promoted scientific, cultural and real equality in all areas throughout history.

There are thousands of stories of women who are of great use to make this earth a better place for all, in memory, admiration and recognition as a human being, I will name a few of them. Ada Lovelace, the mathematician, daughter of Lord Byron, who laid the foundations of the first mechanical calculators in the early 19th century and predicted that they would soon dominate the world, was the beginning of computer history.

Hedy La Marr, the most famous Hollywood actress, who was also an inventor, when she invented effervescent tablets, improved the design of airplane wings and discovered that wireless communications could be sent over long distances with spread spectrum, it was the beginning of a new era in telecommunications. and the forerunner of today’s Smartphone.

Luisa de Medrano, born in Atienza (Guadalajara), in 1484 was the first university professor in Spain, specifically in the University of Salmantica, replacing Antonio de Nebrija, at a time when women were prohibited from studying.

He was a poet and inventor and protégé of Isabella I, Queen of Castile (Catholic), grateful for the death of his father and grandfather in the war of Granada, years later King Carlos I ordered its destruction. all of his mention, and only three principal sources, which are preserved of that work and of his great genius.

It is likely that you have passed through the Latin neighborhood of Madrid more than once and wondered about the origin of the name. It is due to a woman named Beatriz Galindo, born in Salmantic in 1465, who was a writer and humanist and grammarian and Latin teacher (hence her nickname) of the Catholic queen Isabella. Because of her intelligence and love of literature, her parents chose to assign her to a barracks and decided to take grammar classes in one of the Salmantic universities. At the age of eighteen, Beatriz Galindo not only read and interpreted classical texts well, but could also speak and write this language with great accuracy and fluency. His fame spread first through Salmantica, then throughout the kingdoms, and he began to be known as Latin.

Harriet Beecher Stowe, a famous American writer who wrote a novel called Uncle Tom’s Cabin, which was one of the seeds that created social awareness of slavery in North America and somehow led to the civil war in that country years after.

Maria Montessori was a famous Italian educator and doctor who immigrated to the United States with her son Mario, she could not recognize her son as such because she was a single mother and that fact was not accepted by him at the beginning of the 19th century. the society of that time, from where he always introduced him as his grandson, is the creator of the Montessori method of pedagogy applied to teaching and which is now the basis of teaching in educational centers, in fact, they are Montessori educational centers. of the world who apply this educational method with great success.

María Teresa León Goyri, the great Spanish writer who married Rafael Alberti, with whom she went into exile outside Spain due to the French repression, when Alberti returned to Spain in 1977, he was received with honor but his wife was never named. Teresia, although having a work as large and good as her husband’s, I do not know her because she is a woman.

Mary the Hebrew, one of the first women scientists in the history of mankind, invented complex machines for distillation and sublimation, and she is also the one who invented Bain-Marie, which is sometimes done in the kitchen and in the laboratory. about everything

Mileva Maric was the first wife of Albert Einstein and although he is the one who is credited with the discovery of the theory of relativity, he was not as advanced in mathematics as his wife, she was the one who helped and developed the theory. to a great extent, but to this day his history has been forgotten.

Rosalind Franklin, one of the discoverers of the structure of DNA, has also been hidden by history.

Fanny Mendelssohn was the sister of Felix Mendelssohn, a famous musician and composer who composed many masterpieces, which for his time have always been attributed to his brother Felix, including Italian works that Queen Victoria I of England loved, who invited Felix to Buckingham Palace. to congratulate and give a concert for your work.

Clara Campoamor was a Spanish lawyer, deputy and activist who promoted the right to vote for Spanish women, who is the author of many reforms that promoted women’s rights in Spain and promoted the fight for equality, who also promoted the first divorce law in the country. as well as regulating the labor rights of women and children.

Maruja Malló was a global artist and Spanish painter, one of the best of the 20th century, a feminist and a strong defender of women’s rights and their freedom to decide on any aspect of life at a time when women’s rights were hardly recognized. Spain.

Never be afraid of what you’re doing, if you think about doing it right, is the famous quote about Rosa Parks, the African-American activist, she refused to get up from her seat, at a time when white people were. he had the right to be blind, arrested and imprisoned, in which these events took place on the bus of the Henry Ford Museum of the United States of America and President Obama himself sat in that seat and said thanks to Rosa that he was there. .

Simon de Beauvoir was a French writer who painted the world of feminism.

I am sorry that more than a thousand women are missing who have fought before, now and forever, are fighting and will fight to achieve a better world.

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