The education system of this century has failed: Petro of Pisa trials

The education system of this century has failed: Petro of Pisa trials

Now the president referred of the results of the 2022 Pisa tests published by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

Petro presented an analysis of each of the categories examined in these tests and pointed out that Colombia continues to have low results. He also emphasized that there is a decrease in results worldwide due to the pandemic. “This is a global reality, the decline in the quality of education across the planet,” Petro said.

What do the Pisa tests measure? They assessed the math, reading and science knowledge of 15-year-old students from 81 OECD member and partner countries. These tests are conducted every three years, the last one was conducted in 2018.

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For the 2022 version, in Colombia it was applied to an effective national sample of 7,804 15-year-old students from public and private educational institutions in rural and urban areas.

Here are some key results from Colombia:

  • Mathematics recorded the worst decline. The score dropped from 391—in 2018—to 383 points.
  • Reading also fell, from 412 to 409 points.
  • Sciences decreased slightly from 412 points to 411.
  • In the well-being indices, about 23% of women and 25% of men reported being victims of bullying on some occasions.

Other important worldwide data:

  • The best scores were obtained in Singapore.
  • Since 2006, the 2022 results are the lowest on average for OECD member countries. This reduction is due to the impact of the pandemic.
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what: Petro also presented a graph showing that Bogotá’s figures are above the average in Latin America and close to the average in OECD countries. With this information, the president took the opportunity to say that his mayorship was a success in the field of education, because the increase occurred between 2012 and 2015.