The electric boat of 300,000 euros and was created by the former Tesla

2023 BIG R30 Electric boat.  Front image.

Next December 16 when will this Blue Innovations Group R30 start sailing the ocean. And as you may have noticed, this is an advanced electric boat to be assembled in the United States. and that was developed by a company created from scratch by a former Tesla executive.

This advanced electric boat has a hull that is 30 feet long, which you can translate to something like about nine meters tall. But what is even more surprising is that it is powered by a pair of electric motors that can produce a surprising number of 596 kW of power, which is equivalent to about 811 HP.

With 1,000 dollars you can reserve this electric boat today

2023 Big R30 Electric Boat.  Front Image.

In fact, this Blue Innovations Group R30 was shown to the whole world at the last CES in Las Vegas, but now the American company has confirmed that It will be launched in style on December 16 in St. Petersburg, Florida. They also took the opportunity to say that the first deliveries of this sophisticated electric boat will begin in the third quarter of 2024, slightly delaying the second quarter date that the company initially planned.

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Este Blue Innovations Group R30 You can now make a reservation with a deposit of 1,000 dollars (950 euros). But it is also true that anyone who wants to be one of the first 100 owners of this electric boat can secure their place by betting on the ‘BIG Reservation’ offered by the American company. This option will put you at the top of the waiting list, but it is also true that it has a price of 5,000 dollars (4,740 euros).

It has 811 HP power and 221 kWh capacity batteries

2023 Big R30 Electric Boat.  Image Of The Command Post.

“We are delighted to launch the R30 in St. Petersburg, Florida, a community that has embraced our mission from the beginning,” said John Vo, founder and CEO of the company Blue Innovations Group, but also a former Tesla executive. “The R30 is a testament to American innovation and the advanced technologies that come from the state of Florida.”

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As we said before, to move this electric boat, two engines are used that produce 596 kW of power (811 HP), which is also They are powered by a large lithium-ion battery pack with a capacity of 221 kWh (Tesla Model S batteries have 100 kWh). So far no details have been given about its autonomy, charging power … But it is true that this Blue Innovations Group R30 is equipped with an extendable roof that is also completely covered with solar panels.

This electric boat is modular

2023 Big R30 Electric Boat.  Picture Of The Back.

It also says that thanks to these batteries the Blue Innovations Group R30 can offer up to eight hours of operation, reach speeds of up to 45 miles per hour (72 km/h) and accommodate up to 12 residents. And that’s it In its nine meter height there is even space for a kitchen, as well as a large terrace at the back where you can organize a spectacular party..

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“The R30 will provide the ultimate boating experience for customers with uncompromising safety, performance, style and value, while being environmentally friendly,” said Vo. “We’ve seen enthusiasm not only among current boaters but also among non-boaters who share the sentiment that the R30 is a long-needed innovation.”

Its starting price is about 285,000 euros at the exchange rate.

2023 Big R30 Electric Boat.  Image Inside.

As you can imagine, the technology present in this impressive electric boat makes it not exactly the cheapest on the market, because The American company estimates that its Blue Innovations Group R30 will start at a price of around $300,000 (about 285,000 euros).


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