The end of the mystery: Origins of mysterious objects that fell from the sky in Australia revealed

Brad Tucker and the two locals with the spacecraft Photo: ABC

Brad Tucker and the two locals with the spacecraft Photo: ABC

Two space fragments touched down on the outskirts of Australia And they stunned, because this is such a huge event, with no close history as to how to proceed. a large burnt rubble – some are approximate 80 cm You 15 kg– landed vertically on the property of a farmer named mick minersWhile another landslide got stuck in one hectare next to its neighbor, Jock Wallacefrom the field of both snowy mountainsIn New WalesSouth of Sydney,

As a result of these facts, the farmers decided to contact the astrophysicist. Brad Tucker To observe the area, visit it and examine the mysterious space fragments that, according to experts, begin their journey towards Earth 9 July,

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After inspecting the composition of the debris and analyzing the burnt pieces in detail, the Australian Space Agency has now shared a statement in this regard with some claims indicating that these elements are related to one of the company’s missions. . SpaceXowned by billionaire businessman Elon Musk, In return, he asked the population to report it immediately if something like this happened again in the area.

,The agency confirmed that the remains belong to the SpaceX mission and continues to maintain contact with their counterparts in the United States.”, specified the Australian body and thus, by ending the mystery, it brought peace of mind about the discovery.

The space force that caused the stunner on the outskirts of Australia Photo: ABC

The space force that caused the stunner on the outskirts of Australia Photo: ABC

TuckerAn expert on issues of this nature, assured on his YouTube account that these landslides are related Space X Crew-1, the unpressurized capsule that carries astronauts into space. “In the pictures of the wreck, you can clearly see the burning, which would be expected from re-entry. It is very rare to see them, as they usually land not on land, but in the sea. It was exciting and weird at the same time”, said the astrophysicist.

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On similar lines and in conversation with the media abcHe said: “People often think that they find little bits of space junk, but that they will burn up upon re-entering, so which is more likely to be such large parts,

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for its part, WallaceThe farmer who went on space exploration told the same outlet: “I didn’t hear the jolt, but my daughters did and they told me it was too strong. It is a matter of concern that it may fall from the sky, if it falls on a house, it can cause havoc,

Mention Brad Tucker in your social networks

Mention Brad Tucker in your social networks

waiting for intervention NASA And other specialized agencies, experts do not want to leave any details to chance and have highlighted the danger of landing in the middle of the city.

,This is quite worrying and shows that tracking the debris is important., There may also be problems with the damage to the ozone layer and so we need to do more investigation in this area.” Rebecca Allenthe astronomer of Swinburne University of Technologyaccording to the analysis Tucker,

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