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The environment of Mario Vargas Llosa explains the break with Isabel Preisler: “They were incompatible. He’s interested in culture and he’s interested in entertainment.”

“Every night, it seems unbelievable, because I did the foolish thing of leaving my wife, I think about her and I regret it. I think I did only one thing wrong in life: give Carmencita a Leaving for a woman who didn’t deserve it (…). Every night I think about her and ask her for forgiveness,” says Mario Vargas Llosa (Arequipa, Peru, 86 years old) Breezesa story with autobiographical overtones that he wrote more than two years ago and which he published free letter In 2021. In this story, the Nobel Prize for Literature tells the story of a man who is reaching the twilight of his life, a disillusioned man who regrets leaving his wife for another. “I have already forgotten the name of the woman for whom I abandoned Carmencita. I never wanted her. It was a violent and fleeting infatuation, one of those crazy things that destroy lives. Because of doing what I did, my life was destroyed and I was never happy again (…). it was a crush Pichula, not from the heart. her Pichula It is no longer useful to me except to urinate”, continues the Spanish-Peruvian author in his story.

publication of Breezes passed unnoticed by the general public, but not by the intimate environment of the author of the works goat party why Aunt Julia and the Writer, who saw in this story signs of the obvious fatigue that Vargas Llosa was already feeling after seven years of living with Isabel Preysler (Manila, Philippines, age 71). The fictional story is littered with clues that lead to reality. There are repeated hidden references to his ex-wife: Carmen is the maiden name of Patricia Llosa, Nobel’s previous wife and the mother of his three children. A certain frivolity and criticism of showbiz high society can also be read between the lines: “It is impossible to enjoy a concert, or an opera, or even a light comedy, surrounded by such people.” who do nothing more than type or caress the bullets in their eyes”. The author’s uneasiness in the face of media overexposure and in the wake of the French philosopher Guy Debord, what he called himself a “civilization of the spectacle”: “Sometimes I feel, without realizing it, what happens around me. Corrupting me too and I no longer really know what culture is and it takes its place in the crazy world we now live in. And its fatigue and boredom with a social agenda that is just as intense is as dull as it is: “The dinner really impressed me, it’s true, not because of the food, nothing special, but because of the holograms. All night we were surrounded by these ghostly characters, doubling as waiters or waitresses, serving tables, passing platters with snacks and drinks. In the narrative, the protagonist manages to escape that dystopian world and takes refuge in his old house on Calle de la Flora in Madrid, which is the house where Vargas Llosa lived with his cousin and ex-wife, Carmen Patricia Llosa. Were.

“When we read Breezeswe saw clear autobiographical references and also references to his relationship with Isabel, although of course he does not use her name in any way”, said one of Vargas Llosa’s closest entourage, in a conversation with EL Pas. Told. “This story was written two years ago in December 2020. So the crisis with Isabel comes from afar. It is not something sudden or unexpected, as has been said. Relationships deteriorating, doubt, regret, resentment. .. It was all building up for a long time. The tabloids have always presented them as an idyllic couple, but they went from something idyllic a long time ago to something less happy and more complicated”, continues the same source.

In the month of June this year, Mario Vargas Llosa and the widow of Minister Miguel Boyer faced their first major crisis. As EL PAÍS has learned, at the beginning of the summer he left his home in the Puerta de Hierro Urbania and returned to his apartment in the center of the capital. Shortly afterwards, he returned to the mansion of the so-called “Queen of Hearts” on Miraflores Avenue. So they denied the breakup rumours, but there were differences. “There were no jealous attacks, as has been said. That is false. This has been the pinnacle of degradation”, he insists.

This newspaper has tried to contact Isabelle Preisler. “The woman is out of the country”, explained an employee who works at one of Spain’s most famous houses, which has been featured in the pages of several Times ¡Hola!, “Mario and I have decided to end our relationship definitively. I don’t want to make any further statements,” she told the aforementioned magazine on Wednesday, her flagship publication for 50 years.

In Writers Circle they describe the couple as “two people from very different worlds”. And they talk about two reasons that precipitate the break. Firstly, the discrepancy between their interests and lifestyle, the lack of common plans. “They were incompatible. He is interested in culture and she is interested in entertainment. There is an abyss between the two.” The second effect is greater. He says, “He was already uncomfortable having his image turned into an ornament, a claim to parties, events and even Isabel’s daughter Tamara Falco’s documentary.”

One and the other’s friends agree that both tried to fit into their own worlds. But culture and entertainment are opposite universes. “At first, Mario was also happy from an anthropological point of view, although he was never comfortable in that area,” he admits. Nobel Prize it was even said that he presented the inn, exclusive and the photo calls “for love”. “If I could choose it, I wouldn’t want to be in ¡Hola! Now I come to the magazine for personal reasons. But if you have a recipe not to come, let me know,” he told a journalist at the press conference to introduce his novel. five cornersIn 2016. In the same act, he defined ¡Hola! As a 21st century serialized novel. “It’s a cultural phenomenon of our time. There are millions of people who want something that made them dream and what novels and poetry previously offered. Now it provides ¡Hola! with tremendous talent,” he said. His words surprised the cultural press covering the event, which was still very aware Tamasha Civilization. in In that 2012 essay, the thinker defined gossip journalism as a “frivolous” industry, “without aesthetic values”, dominated by a “carnival of lies”.

During these years, the same press insisted on portraying the Preisler-Losa couple as a happy couple. Or was it the couple who insisted on showing themselves like this Shines. But of late there were signs of deterioration. She did not accompany him to the last literary conference on his work, which had been held a few months earlier in the city of Florence, nor to the premiere of a recent montage. tales of the plague in Catania, Sicily. “Isabel loved going to the Maldives,” he concluded.

¡Hola! says Preysler is depressed and convinced there is no going back. Nobel Environment says that he is very well physically, mentally and emotionally. “He is in good spirits and is working on a new novel.” Vargas Llosa has returned to writing in his apartment in Madrid de los Austrias. At the end of BreezesIn the story published in 2021, the protagonist manages to reach his old home, the royal house of Vargas Llosa, “where Flora Street meets Hilleras Street and touches the small Plaza de San Martín, which would later become the Plaza de las Descalzas.” “I didn’t have the key that opens the big gate where I live (…) However, I was lucky. After waiting only 10 or 15 minutes, a man appeared with a cane, whom I half-recognized. He stood by the door and took out a key and opened it.” It was as if Mario Vargas Losa recognized Mario Vargas Losa.

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