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The existence of an underwater volcano is scientifically proven and listed in the Qur’an: Okzone Techno

Jakarta – a number of Scientist In the past, volcanic mountains have been found to exist for thousands of kilometers across oceans.

They call these underwater mountains. However, it turns out that it has long been expressed in the holy book of the Qur’an. Then it was explained according to science also.

In the book ‘The Miracles of Al-Quran and As-Sunnah’ it is explained that these mountains were formed as a result of violent volcanic eruptions.

There is a vast network of geological changes that break up the Earth’s rocky crust and result in rifts that surround the rift. This shift is mainly concentrated at sea level.

The network of geological changes extends over 64,000 km and penetrates through rocky crust to a depth of about 65 km. The shift network reaches a soft layer known as the soft zone (astenosphere).

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In the asthenosphere, the rock is in a partially molten state with relatively high density and adhesion. Warm currents carried tons of molten rock to the bottom of the ocean.

These rocks then move to the bottom of some oceans such as the Red Sea, whose temperature exceeds 1,000 °C.

This rock, which is estimated to be millions of tons, then pushes ocean water to the right and left. This phenomenon is known to scientists as the expansion and reshaping of the ocean floor and oceans.

The area resulting from the expansion process was filled with magma, resulting in fires in the ocean floor and some areas of the ocean floor.

This is exactly what Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala says in the Holy Book of the Qur’an in Surah At-Tur Verse 1 to 8.

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more steps

and written books

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and al-Bayt al-M’Mur

and raised roof

and the sea

Your Lord’s punishment is true

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“The hills and the book written on an open sheet, and the house of glory, and the roof above (the sky) and the sea in which there is fire, indeed the punishment of your Lord is certain, no one can avoid it…” (Qs. At-Tur: 1-8)

The fact that fire in the sea is mentioned in the Quran from 14 centuries ago, long before humans knew advanced technology to be able to try and discover the existence of fire in the sea.

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