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The false stories about the great pain of losing weight sleeping fat

Within the scope of the WORLD BODY SATURDAY, which is celebrated this Saturday, internists from the Spanish Society of Internal Medicine (SEM) dispel myths and false beliefs related to pain in order to facilitate and promote its correct control and access based on current scientific evidence and evidence. on aspects such as sleep, diet or exercise, among other important factors.

MYTH 1. You have to starve yourself to lose weight (false).

Juana Carretero, president of Semi: “To maintain a healthy weight while eating well and not being hungry, it is logical to choose what we eat well.” First, remember that you should eat five times a day. it should be included sometimes in each meal. For those moments of weakness in which you think you can overcome hunger, always choose a healthy snack, raw nuts, vegetables, bananas, fruit (apple, pear, banana… or any other fruit). steam, oven, or salad. It is not necessary to starve to maintain a healthy weight, it is important to think carefully and choose food and enjoy eating it in a healthy way to maintain a healthy weight.

MYTH 2. Sleeping makes you fat (false).

Francisco Javier Carrasco, internist in Semi: “Yes, it is the opposite. In fact, people who sleep less than five hours are much more likely to be overweight or obese than those who sleep around seven hours. The quality of sleep is essential to avoid obesity. People who sleep less than four hours of sleep can have a 70% increase in the probability of increased or increased fertility, and this is reduced to 25% when they sleep less than six hours. The body consumes about one calorie per kilo of weight and considering that if a person weighing 80 kilos (80 calories for 7 hours) , they would burn about 560 calories during sleep. Sleeping we burn more calories than waking up doing nothing. Demystifying what sleeping makes fat We must have quality sleep and a few hours minimum to maintain our health and this facilitates the loss of sleep. It gives weight with other elements.

Fable 3. On the consumption of oil.

Pablo Pérez Martínez, internist in Semi: «I heard that olive oil is a healthy fat and therefore consume as much as I want. and shows that it can prevent cardiovascular diseases, however, like other fats, its caloric content is not negligible. Therefore, within a varied and balanced diet, virgin olive oil should be taken every day, but always replaced by other fats, such as but animal fats, which have been further processed, are abundant foods, hence the consumption of olive oil, even in those who are overweight or obese.

4. The story of the Bikini operation.

José María Fernández, internist in Semi: “Summer is coming. Operation Bikini? No. When you think of going on a diet, do not look for a fast diet, which simply generates a very fast and punctual weight loss, so that you can recover it later. even more so where you started from those looking for a diet structures that change our lives, not only eating, but also physical exercises that allow you to maintain that weight and gradually reduce time, to improve health and prevent obesity and all its long-term complications.

Fable 5. Fruit: do they make you fat?

Lola López, internist at Semi: “When we consider healthy eating, one of the most controversial food groups is usually fruit. The rule is not written that fruit is fattening, especially if it is used as a dessert after lunch or dinner. All this is not scientifically accurate whether fruit is stuffed? No. Where is the bad reputation? Especially the sweet taste. Fruit contains fructose, which, like glucose, is a simple sugar and the same number of calories (4. The difference of fructose lies in its properties and when mixed with fiber it does not generate so many insulin spikes, and the body does not is given a signal to accumulate power in the form of fat. caloric intake of fruit, the problem can come from eating fruit. Fruit is a good way to end the meal and allows us to avoid other foods richer in fat or carbohydrates. In weight loss diets. weight, it is recommended to separate from food and take mid-morning or nine o’clock. Fruit is a good healthy option, better fresh than dried (because of the higher sac the intention of the beloved), and, if possible, it is of the time and place”.

Fable 6. Can we talk about good pain? Nor

Pedro Pablo Casado, internist in Semi: “Accepting a good big part of obesity is a mistake. It is true that there is an obesity profile with major metabolic complications and an increased risk of developing some diseases compared to others with less pain, something big, what today still struggles to define “metabolically healthy”. But here the idea can be mistaken, because any type of obesity has multiple implications for the person who suffers from it compared to a person with a normal weight or a normal weight.

Fable 7. About the miracle of diets.

Pablo Miramontes, internist at Semi: “When we are overweight or obese, the first temptation or idea can be to lose weight from us and to the “miracle diets of falsehood and myth”, which lack a scientific basis and sufficient rigor to do it. Adequate treatment, success is also based on with a great restriction of food that can lead us to bad states of health. When we want to lose weight, we must put ourselves in the hands of a professional who will propose an appropriate diet for us. they are purely aesthetic. We will not put our adequate health at risk and we will avoid other types of problems.” .

Fable 8. Fat with will (false).

Marta Toral, Internal Medicine resident and member of SEM: “Obesity is not related to the will. Many other things are important, such as genetics, predisposing diseases, drugs that take patients, cultural environments, social environments…, so before we judge them, the personal situation of each one we must be understood.

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