The famous black box, similar to the carry-on boxes on airplanes, will be mandatory…

The famous black box, similar to the carry-on boxes on airplanes, will be mandatory...

From July 7, 2024, all new cars registered in Spain and the EU will be equipped with a black box. This equipment, similar to equipment already installed on airplanes, aims to record relevant data in the event of an accident to help understand the causes and prevent future accidents.

What information does a black box store?

Black boxes, also known as EDR (event data recorder), record information on over 15 variables, including:

  • vehicle speed
  • braking force
  • engine revolutions
  • front and side impact forces
  • steering wheel movement
  • throttle position
  • Seat belt and airbag operation
  • Day and time of accident

What doesn’t the black box save?

Black Box does not store information that could identify the driver or their location. The European Union has established that data is anonymized to protect user privacy.

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What is the black box for?

The information collected by Black Box may be used to:

  • Analyze the causes of accidents: Black boxes can provide valuable information about how an accident occurred, which can help prevent future accidents.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of road safety measures: Black box data can help determine whether existing road safety measures are effective or whether new measures are needed.
  • Check accidents: Black box information can be useful for accident investigations, especially in cases where there are no witnesses.

Where is the black box installed?

The black box is usually mounted on the chassis under the driver’s seat next to the airbag control unit.

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Is it mandatory to install black box?

Yes, the installation of a black box is mandatory for all new passenger cars registered in Spain and the EU from July 7, 2024.

What other road safety systems are mandatory?

In addition to black boxes, new cars must also include other road safety systems such as:

  • Pre-installation of Anti-Start Breathalyzer
  • drowsiness warning
  • intelligent motion assistant
  • advanced emergency braking system

What benefits are expected from black boxes and other road safety systems?

The EU estimates that black boxes and other mandatory road safety systems will help prevent 25,000 road deaths and 140,000 serious injuries over the next 15 years.

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In short, Black Box is a new road safety system that aims to reduce the number of traffic accidents. The information collected by black boxes can be useful in understanding the causes of accidents and preventing future accidents.


  • If you are thinking of buying a new car, make sure it has a black box and other mandatory road safety systems.
  • Drive responsibly and respect traffic rules.
  • If you get into an accident, don’t hesitate to contact your insurance company for advice on how to proceed.


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