The famous car will disappear, at least as we know it: this is why

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The evolution of cars and the car industry means that, little by little, what we know as a “popular car” ceases to exist. And so say the experts.

For decades, the lifeline of the world’s automotive industry famous cars. Simple, cheap and sometimes very basic, these cars They are made from point “A” to point “B”, without great pretensions. intended only as an economical transportation solution. But its extinction, which has been progressing for many years, is a fact.
This typology, born in 1908 with Ford T in the United States, and that is being promoted around the world Volkswagen Beetle y Citroën 2CV leaving due to various industry-specific dynamics. In Colombia, the first cars of this type are Simca Mil and Renault 4 the latter positioned itself as the “car for Colombians”.
However, in recent years, new cars are becoming more expensive due to government requirements and commercial weight on them. So, industry experts assure that The famous car, as we always knew it, is gone because of the higher costs involved in its production.

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The popular car from the first vs. the one from today

As many will remember, cars like the Renault 4 or even the Chevrolet Spark They are sold with the least possible accessories for comfort and safety. and machines that They focus more on stability and reliability rather than power or performance. And with that it followed, because they were finally created for basic and elementary transportation.
Nowadays, however, regulations and clients alike force that Any new car has at least airbags, ABS brakes, multimedia system and connectivity. In addition, in more demanding markets such as Europe, the inclusion of advanced driving assistance.
This was highlighted by Marcelo Pereira, director of the marketing consulting firm Ipsos in Brazil, during the event. #ABX23 – Automotive Business Experience held in São Paulo a few days ago. “The expression ‘popular car’ should now be translated as ‘entry car’ or ‘entry level car.’ Today people expect more from products, they want quality, technology and safety” he pointed out.

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Kia Picanto Emotion 1.0 2023, Cheapest Car In Colombia

Pereira also indicated that, today, it is unthinkable to sell a car without certain elements that make life on board safer and more enjoyable. In his words, “If we look at the past, a car without a radio or air conditioning is not what today’s consumers expect”.
Fernando Silva, commercial director of Volkswagen in Brazil, also commented on the topic. “We should think of a ‘popular car’ as a ‘cheap car.’ Nowadays, consumers are looking for a car that fits their budget, that gives them all the benefits of a current car. said the executive.

Changan Lumin

Can a “popular” electric car survive?

In the case of Colombia, the cheapest cars on the market are Kia Picanto Emotion and Suzuki S-Presso, same as 52 million pesos; and the Renault Kwid Zen for 54 million pesos. the about 45 minimum wages per month, in addition to the costs of use and ownership that complicate its acquisition for those with incomes in that range. That’s why, many still want the bigger and better equipped “good stuff”.
Meanwhile, around the world, the entry car category is migrating towards electric mobility. In that category we find quadricycles like Zhidou D2S (65 million pesos) or cars like Changan Lumin (72 million pesos) or JAC E10X (98 million pesos), at prices that are more removed from the possibilities of the majority of the population.
Experts who attended the event in Brazil remember that, once electrification technologies become widespread, prices will drop. However, That will take time… and they won’t be as “popular” as they used to be..

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