The Fiat Fastback received a dose of sportiness with the Abarth version

fastback abarth

Fiat has officially shown us the completely new Fastback Abarth, which offers more power and sporty elements.

Fiat continues to increase the offer of products made for South America. The latest model in the range is expected Fastback Abarthwhich receives a scorpion sting and adds to the sportiness of the model.

The appearance is one of the main sections that have been changed. Overall, it has the same design as the Fastback, but with special elements that add a sense of sportiness. Initially, it received 18-inch wheels and a 5 mm lower suspension, which left it with a ground clearance of 215 mm.

Fastback Abarth

In addition, the well-known Abarth emblems, special details on the fascias, red accents, and the letters “ABARTH” are placed on the rear of the car. The icing on the cake is the exhaust system, which adopts dual tailpipes.

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The equipment also increases, thanks to the arrival of a specific instrument panel for this version (it has a turbo pressure indicator and G-force meter), audio system with subwoofer and K&N air filter. It maintains 4 airbags, ADAS, 10.1” screen and climate control.

Fiat Fastback Abarth

The handling is sportier

This version has a Turbo 270 engine, that is, a propeller 1.3L turbocharged, which when using ethanol delivers 182 horsepower and 199 lb-ft (almost 10 horsepower more than the regular model). The transmission is a 6-speed automatic (with paddle shifters behind the steering wheel) and promises acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.6 seconds, with top speed limited to 220 km/h.

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Also, the engineers adjusted the stability of the suspension, included new shock absorbers and a larger stabilizer on the front axle. It has 3 driving modes, including the new Poison, which adjusts the speed of the gearbox changes.

The new Fiat Fastback Abarth has been presented in Brazil, where it has a price of 159,990 reais, which is equivalent to more than 570 thousand Mexican pesos. Soon it will be launched in other Latin American markets, and even if it is not yet a reality, we cannot prevent its arrival in our country.