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Thursday, April 15, 2021

The film will show the effect of global warming

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New Delhi: Due to global warming, there has been devastation in many parts of the country including Bihar and Jharkhand. Global warming is the reason for the catastrophe in Kedarnath and Chamoli in Uttarakhand or the fire in the forests of Jharkhand. Bihar also gets flooded every year. Many people have lost their lives due to this. We are paying a heavy price for tampering with nature A feature film is going to be released soon about the effects of global warming.

The film, which is being titled as Kamic, will show the impact of global warming on the Himalayas. It will also inspire people to save their earth. The director of the film is named Yuvraj Kumar. The film depicts the story of the world’s highest town comic. Kamik is located in Spiti, Himachal Pradesh. It is considered to be the highest village in the world, where vehicles are the way to go.

The film depicts wealthy youths like driving away. The smoke emanating from these trains is harming the Himalayas. Due to global warming caused by pollution, incidents like landslides are taking place on the Himalayas. Due to this, many lives have been lost in Uttarakhand so far. Seeing the devastation caused by the vehicles, the youth regrets their actions and they abandon their sports car and adopt skate boards, skiing and bicycles. They also represent their country in these sports by moving forward in it. With this, they also give people the message of using eco friendly means by abandoning vehicles that harm the environment.

The film stars Jai Kumar, Siddharth, Tanisha Mirwani, Venkatesh Pandey and Rivya Rai, while Yuvraj Kumar has produced the film under the banner of Atlantic Films. The film is marketed by Saurabh Jain of Laviska Media.

Yuvraj Kumar says that the film will start a new trend and will help us fight global warming. The film is shot in Himachal Pradesh. The purpose of the film is to immediately send a message to take action to save our planet from this disaster. In the film, the youth shows us the way to save our earth. It is a good entertaining film conveying the message.


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