The first electric flying boat will be ready in 2024

The first electric flying boat will be ready in 2024

This new mode of transportation has space for 30 passengers and will change the lives of the citizens of Stockholm.

Candela’s P-12 will change public transportation in Stockholm in 2024. It will represent a change in people’s travel time because it will shorten a trip from 55 minutes to 25. because this boat does not make much noise while traveling.

The creators of this ferry will be a first and last because according to scientists it will start a new era of public water transportation.

“This is a real leap forward. The energy savings we achieve by passing through the air in hydrofoils give us the speed and autonomy we need for it to run on batteries,” commented Erik Eklund, head of Candela’s commercial containers division.

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What draws attention to this boat is its hydrofoils that allow it to go 56 kilometers per hour, thus lifting the boat out of the water to reduce resistance.

According to Candela, the company responsible for this creation, the technology used in the P-12 reduces energy per passenger kilometer, which compared to diesel ships, it is a 95% difference.

P-12 will start operations in 2024

As expected, it will be ready in July next year because the P-12 will have to go through a series of tests because it is a pilot project with routes between Ekero, a suburb of Stockholm, and in the city center.

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To make this experience even better, the company has engineers fine-tune the hydrofoils so that when you’re on board you don’t feel the impact of the waves. The initial tests determined that the ship was able to sail with its 30 passengers without problems in waves that reached two meters.