The first energy-autonomous heat pump on the market

The first energy-autonomous heat pump on the market
The First Energy-Autonomous Heat Pump On The Market

An air-water heat pump with an integrated battery, which will be combined with a solar photovoltaic system.

The first 100% autonomous heat pump

Within the framework of CES2024, held in Las Vegas, Grenoble-based company Lancy Energy Storage has announced an important advancement in the field of energy efficiency and sustainability. Its DeepTech project, consisting of a fully autonomous air/water heat pump thanks to a built-in battery and a photovoltaic system, promises to revolutionize household access to energy self-consumption.

This will be the first air/water heat pump to incorporate an electricity storage battery and double compressor (AC/DC). Photovoltaic energy storage and air/water heat pumps are a great innovation in the energy renewable sector, which is growing rapidly.

reducing household carbon footprint

Households represent a significant share of global carbon dioxide emissions, largely due to consumption of energy generated from fossil fuels. In view of this, and with the aim of moving towards a future of zero net emissions in the residential sector, governments encourage the transition towards photovoltaic self-consumption, financially incentivizing projects that facilitate this transition.

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The First Energy-Autonomous Heat Pump On The Market

Lancey Solutions: Autonomy and Stability

Lancy Energy Storage is not new to energy innovations. Following the success of its electric radiator with integrated battery, honored at the CES Innovation Awards 2018, the French startup is now following up with “PACABAT”, an air/water heat pump with battery and double AC/DC compressor. Is, which is designed to operate. In perfect harmony with solar panels. The system is known not only for its energy autonomy but also for its ability to store excess solar energy, thus offering an efficient and sustainable solution for domestic heating and hot water production.

Differentiating Features

Lanci’s PACABAT is distinguished by its power flexibility, being able to take advantage of power rates during off-peak hours or connect directly to a photovoltaic system. This approach not only optimizes the use of renewable energy, but also promises a significant reduction in users’ energy bills, without compromising thermal comfort. Furthermore, its design is compatible with both new construction and renovation, and its compliance with current environmental regulations, makes this heat pump an attractive choice for any home.

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PACABAT constitutes an innovative solution and above all a patented configuration as an integrated system: a medium-power air/water heat pump consisting of a battery and an inverter, with a double compressor: alternating AC and direct. DC, solar connected panel. It will benefit from two methods of power supply: from the AC grid during off-peak hours and directly from DC photovoltaic generation, with the possibility of storing the consumed surplus. Finally, the device will benefit from a direct connection to the management cloud.

Current Situation and Outlook

The PACABAT project has received financial support from BPIFrance and is developed in collaboration with the École des Mines de Paris. Currently in the prototype stage, Lancy Energy Storage has not yet revealed pricing or launch date details for this innovative system. However, its ability to improve self-consumption of solar energy and reduce the load on the public electricity grid, especially during winter demand peaks, positions PACABAT as a promising solution for a sustainable energy future. Is.

This DeepTech project, supported by BPIFrance and in collaboration with the Paris School of Mines, is part of the LANCEY philosophy and also in the logic of range extension, giving the user access to self-consumption while improving thermal comfort.

Rafael Mayer, co-founder and CEO of LANCEY Energy Storage