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Sunday, February 28, 2021

The first Indian-origin ‘Miss England’ introduced Corona vaccine in Britain, told vaccine safe!

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The vaccination campaign is going on in Britain. The first Miss of Indian origin, England and Advance Physician Bhasha Mukherjee of National Health Service (NHS) have got the Covid-19 vaccine. Also, he has declared the vaccine used in vaccination to be safe.

Mukherjee, 25, has been working as a front-line medical officer against the Covid-19 at Pilgrim Hospital in Lancashire and Derby Hospital in East England since returning from his visit to India during the peak of the epidemic in April 2020.

‘Nice to know I’m safe’

He is a healthcare ambassador for the British Indian community. She has been active in spreading awareness against the epidemic among this minority community here. Mukherjee said that it is good to know that I have become safe and I am confident that my colleagues will feel the same.

Referring to the vaccine having no adverse effects, she said that after some time after its introduction, she is functioning as before. Please tell that under the NHS, Pfizer-Bioentech and AstraZeneca vaccines are being administered.

Britain faces a new challenge

Britain first approved a vaccine as Pfizer. Britain was the first to start the vaccination campaign. In December last year, Corona’s new strain was confirmed in the UK itself, following which the UK announced a lockdown as cases grew rapidly.

Britain is facing flood problems these days. Water has reached vaccine-making factories and donkeys. Protecting the vaccine from flooding is now a growing challenge for the UK. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has visited flood-affected areas. Emergency services officials are working overnight to save doses of vaccines.

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