The first smart “dry port” with Huawei 5G technology starts operating

The first smart

The East-West Gate (EWG) containing the rail port, located in Hungary, has become the first private intermodal terminal or “dry port” operating with 5G in Europe, through a network built by Vodafone and a system delivered by Huawei. With an investment of more than 100 million dollars and an area of ​​85 hectares, EWG is also the largest of its kind in Europe, both in terms of capacity and surface area.

“The project marks a key milestone in the development of 5G technologies in Hungary and the digitization of railway transport. It also helps EWG become a digital logistics hub,” said East-West Intermodal Logistics CEO János Tálosi.

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The terminal, located in the city of Fényeslitke near the Ukrainian border, has huge cranes on rails, more than 20 meters wide, capable of up to 45 tons and equipped with 20 high-resolution loading cameras each. Through 5G connections, workers consider what is happening on site in real time and can control it remotely, without having to sit every day in an operating room, which has improved operating efficiency between 20 and 30%.

A realistic virtual twin port has also been created, capable of following the processes and operations of the logistics center in real time and in 3D. A solution for the movement of trains, trucks, cranes, vehicles and delivery trucks, helping to plan, optimize and increase efficiency, using a network of 5G terminals.

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It is now possible to carry out continuous monitoring of roads and goods, accelerate the entry, exit and transportation of goods, and help to improve the management and security of the terminal.

In addition, this project has created around 100 new jobs that require digital skills, and the termination is expected to indirectly employ an additional 500 workers by the middle of this year.

“The Western Gateway intermodal terminal generates social value with the excellent collaboration of different partners and exclusive investors. The ability of high-tech solutions attract many local young people to stay in this area,” said Huawei Vice President of the Nordic Region and CEE Radoslaw Kedzia.

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Due to its size and capacity, the EWG will allow most of the freight traffic that arrives by truck at the borders of the European Union to be transported by rail, with climate objectives in mind. In addition, it was adapted to war conditions and was also prepared to transport goods from Ukraine.


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