The former Big Brother is clear about who they want to win the reality show

Brother - Chilevision

This Sunday Brother Chile end and, for the same reason, the fans of the semi-finalist have launched various campaigns in support of their favorite players.

By measuring only trends on Twitter, The dispute for the first place is starring Constanza Capelli and Jennifer Galvarini however Scarlette Galvez He is a figure who has gained a lot of followers.

It is precisely for that reason that the “Pincoya” followers They encourage voting for the Chiloé player so that became the winner of the first season of brother.

The unique thing about the campaign shared on social networks is that includes some messages from former players of reality show realized that the favorite of the residents of the home-studio was Jennifer.

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In particular, in clips will pop up Lucas Crespo, Mónica Ramos, Alessia Traverso, Fernando Altamirano and Hans Valdés in addition to Francisco Arenas who stated on different occasions that his friend should win the program.

On the other hand, comedians Gustavo Becerra y Beto Espinoza remembered cast members of Morandé is with the company they also invited the public to deliver their vote to “Pincoya” by texting Jennifer to 3331.

After Julio César Rodríguez’s visit to the studio-house, tonight the reality show define a new deleted. Also, it is confirmed that This Thursday the players will leave the facilities where they lived for almost six months.

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So, On Friday they will travel back to Santiago and stay in a hotel. On Sunday they are at new study of brother which was built for the end of the competition where the winner of the program will be determined.