The former mayor of the Veracruz municipality of San Juan Evangelista was assassinated in an armed attack

The former mayor of the Veracruz municipality of San Juan Evangelista was assassinated in an armed attack

Veracruz.- Former PAN Mayor of San Juan Evangelista, Andres Valencia Rios was shot dead, while the Director of Civil Defense, Alfonso Roman Alvarado He is in critical condition due to injuries sustained during the same armed attack.

valencia rios who was seeking the leadership of PAN in that municipality, and Roman Alvarado An official of the Morenista Municipal Corporation was surprised to see two armed men riding a motorcycle while they were trying to rescue a drowning man in the San Juan River in the city of La Lima.

The State Prosecutor, Veronica Hernández Guidanes, indicated that an investigation file had been opened for “regretful events” that occurred on the Sayula-San Juan Evangelista highway section, at the turn from the city of “La Lima” to the city of “Juanita”. and guaranteed that “there will be no impunity.”

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Hernández Guiandas commented that prosecutors, experts and ministerial police have been assigned to the Regional Prosecutor’s Office Coatzacoalcos, They take legal action to trace those allegedly responsible.

On February 9, the PRD mayor of Acayucan, Rosalba Rodriguez Rodriguez condemned that criminal gangs have taken over municipalities in the south of Veracruz, but the Morenista governor Cuitlahuac Garcia Jimenez She denied the information and took the opportunity to demand that the mayor “if she can’t do it, she resigns.”

In reply, Federico Salomon Molina, suggested the working president of Veracruz stopped attending elections to favor its candidate Rocío Nahle and demanded his resignation because “he is the one who cannot handle the package. “This has thrown the state into chaos.”

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Eloisa Zetina Gomez, current trustee of the city council Saint John the Evangelist And Justino Guillen Lagunes, the wife of the slain former mayor and Morenoist municipal president, has not yet issued an official statement, however, leaving local residents disappointed.

Peasant leader and Excedil’s “right hand” Erasmo Vázquez González uploaded a black ribbon with a flower on his Facebook account.

In 2022, Persian lemon grower Vazquez Gonzalez accused a former government secretary, Eric Cisneros burgos, To maintain “intense persecution” against him, and because of this, he had to go into hiding


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