The free Word in Windows 11 received a long-awaited function

windows computer booting into the system

Windows brings, version after version, different native applications that in some cases may go unnoticed. However, after updating it, they presented us with interesting functions that may make us rethink the use we make of it. This is the case of Notepad, one of the lowest apps in Microsoft’s operating system which, today, has added interesting, and long-awaited, functions to be able to work with it without having to download any advanced word processor.

Before describing the changes in its latest update, it’s worth putting ourselves in perspective. And in recent years the Notepad app has included all kinds of updates that have improved the operation of the application significantly: such as the dark mode, the possibility to change and undo the different levels and a redesign of its interface in 2021. Today, it also adds the character count and offers us the possibility of including a shortcut to open text documents.

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Windows Computer Booting Into The System

Native character count

Until now, when we write any text in the text editor that Windows 11 includes, by default we have to, to count the characters, copy and paste the text in any other tool to check its length. Thanks to the latest update, we no longer need to do this intermediate step. Using the character count option we can get all the information we need at the bottom of the application.

In addition, this possibility adds an interesting functionality that not all word processors include. In addition to having the global number of the text in question, we can also know the length of a specific text that we have previously selected. In this way, we can work better with the extension if we are interested in having certain paragraphs with a certain length for any reason and we do not want to use third-party tools.

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Instantly edit documents

In addition to the change previously mentioned, this update includes the inclusion of a new shortcut that will allow us to open text documents that we have downloaded directly in notepad. By right-clicking on a file with a corresponding extension, the function “edit in notepad” will automatically appear.

Although we used to have the same options, in this case we found a new function that is faster and easier than the classic pressing of the right button, choosing “Open with” and then select the application. Now, once we right-click, we can open the document with Notepad and immediately start editing it.

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Currently, both developments are still in beta, in version 11.2311.29.0 available to users who are part of the Canary Channel program. However, as the strength of both has been demonstrated, it is hoped that these improvements will be extended to the version used in more general programs.