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The function of educating about socialist doctrine is vital

{In Florida, many are anxiously waiting for the new state law “Civic Education Curriculum” to finally be implemented next school year, under the umbrella of an organization called “The Government”.

That law is intended to educate American students vs. true socialist doctrine.

Based on the latest considerations of Millennials and Generation Z in favor of socialism, and after looking at the results of the previous elections in Latin America, we conclude that the implementation of the new law in Florida is of great importance to the preservation of our system. as we know it today.

The father of public education in the United States, Horace Mann, said in 1841 that “a public school is an institution which can receive and train children in all good knowledge and virtue.” He considered education so important that he also said, “This institution is the greatest discovery made by man.”

Now John Dewey, the reformer who came after Mann, had other ideas. While Mann went to Prussia for educational inspiration, Dewey went to Lenin’s Soviet Russia to learn the collectivist mentality. Dewey, who was a socialist and an atheist, never hid his ideology and wrote frequently about his political, educational and religious interests.

The US Declaration of Independence states that the inalienable rights of citizens come from the Creator, and that government exists to protect those rights; However, under the guise of separation between Church and State, this truth was gradually expelled from the schools, as was prayer and the Bible.

In this sense, the UN has done its job, replacing Prayer and the Bible with its Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a revocable text without a basis in the Creator.

The intervention of the UN is not surprising since one of its founders was the dictator Joseph Stalin.

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Even more recently, a member of the Bulgarian Communist Party, Irina Bokova, was in charge of Education at the UN, as Director General of UNESCO until 2017. Bokova dared to state that “schools should be used to change children’s attitudes, values ​​and beliefs.

The UN, with the essential support of China, has constructed what is called the “master plan for humanity” in its 2030 Agenda, which is called the “Sustainable Development Goals”.

Among the 17 objectives that are contemplated are the crisis of wealth, the governance of things in production and consumption, climate action and others. In its objective #4, the Council established that by the year 2030 “all students should acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to promote sustainable development”.

Charlotte Iserbyt, a consultant in the Department of Education under the administration of President Ronald Reagan, wrote a book on this subject, entitled “The Intentional Brutification of America”, where she claims that there was a deliberate policy where the parents of students. they are segregated.

When she was in charge, she declared in a famous interview, “It is believed that the purpose of education is Arithmetic, Writing and Reading, when in fact its purpose is to change the thoughts, actions and feelings of students.

The students who believe the socialist doctrine the most are millennials and Gen Z. After the development of the Internet, life has simply become so much easier.

The promise of free tuition, free medical insurance, and assistance in purchasing groceries and transportation was perceived by them as the only option to continue their stress-free lives.

Indeed, before the students went to the libraries, he wrote letters and used normal telephones. Today, they have cell phones when they are small and are surrounded by many social networks, which provide an easy life of entertainment, without care and effort.

These generations hardly know history. And of course they don’t know that Nazi rule in Germany or Marxism in Russia will not happen overnight, but will gradually weaken until they achieve their goals.

For example, before the Jews were sent to concentration camps, Hitler assembled a police force, indoctrinated students, and required all citizens to carry identification cards.

When you see how indoctrination has been carried out throughout history, and how young people, according to the polls in the US, support socialism, it is necessary to conclude that the task of educating our students is absolutely urgent.

In this sense, Teaching Anticommunism in America (TACA) should be very proud to be the first and only state in the American nation to adopt this education law.

Benjamin F. DeYurre is an economist and journalist and the president of Teaching Anticommunism in America, Inc.

Benjamin F. Deyurre

Benjamin F. DeYurre

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