The gameplay reveal of Skull & Bones: Greek Fire, Gaining Notoriety, and Reigning the Indian Ocean awaits players later this year

During the latest Ubisoft forward on July 7, the company showed off some never-before-seen gameplay for its upcoming multiplayer pirate title, Skull & Bones. The preshow featured a master craftsman carving out of wood the figure of a female pirate, used as a marine figurehead in surprising detail. But the real main event was the premiere itself, where fans got a good look at what to expect in the future.

The showcase featured not only the gameplay but also a trailer for the Skull and Bones story of a poor man who is building a new life for himself aboard a pirate ship. Amazingly, the boat was seen tossed around in a big storm. The player finds himself in a foreign land and is left with nothing but a determination to survive.

Potential pirates start in Saint-Anne, one of the pirates in the game.

Will you live like pawns…or die like pirates? Watch the new cinematic trailer for #skull and Bones, Set sail on November 8th.

Skull & Bones reveals: launch date, what to expect, and more


Before the actual gameplay went down, fans got to meet some of the developers of Skull & Bones who are part of Ubisoft Singapore. The team seemed very excited to feature the game as Ubisoft Singapore’s first AAA game. It’s also a huge project, and one can’t wait to show off the game.

The launch date for Skull and Bones was officially confirmed as November 8, 2022. The game also has a new direction, with a darker, grittier, more realistic pirate fantasy. It takes inspiration from the golden age of pirates, where they would do whatever it took to survive.

What can players expect from Skull and Bones?


The world of pirates is a brutal one with dangers lurking around every corner, including animals, pirate hunters, corporations, the elements of nature, and even rebellion. After all, the people who make up the crew of the player’s ship are just as hungry for notoriety. If the conditions on the ship are bad, the threat of rebellion becomes very real.

Every time a player sets sail, the experience should be exciting and challenging. The developers also discussed building a fleet. Although the player starts out with almost nothing, they can actually gather materials and money to craft new ships, weapons, and armor. They’ll have a spear to fight wildlife and a dhow, a small formidable ship to begin with. As the player progresses, they will build notoriety and material to craft larger, more fearsome ships in the Pirate Dens.

Naval combat is at the core of the game, and the team is working to make combat engaging and rewarding. This means that a lot of weapons to choose from can be obtained by building infamy. Greek fire, bombing, and other styles of explosives and weapons will be available.


Notoriety is the main progression system. Pirates who succeed in their missions in the Indian Ocean will create notoriety, which means other pirates will want to work with them. The team also said that the best way to play is with friends.

However, it would be easier for players to team up in the high seas. This means they can partner and work together to collect slander and loot. This will help them deal with threats better when it comes to battles with heavily armored fortresses and more. In addition, players will also have to contend with corporations (factions) such as the Compagnie Royale.

The trailer was revealed after the devs talked about the features that were just mentioned, showing off the gorgeous visuals and world that players will be able to participate in once Skull & Bones finally launches.


In games like this, death at sea is an obvious concern; Thankfully, getting lost at sea doesn’t mean the end of the adventure. Players will only lose some progress and respawn in the nearest den. Most of the cargo will also be recovered, but other players can steal what is left at sea.

The gameplay is much more than just sailing and shooting. There are treasure hunts and events to pursue, contracts to pick up, loot to do, and a unique world to explore. Ubisoft also talked about the use of ships, as each has its own specific objective and play style; For example, cargo ships are capable of carrying more cargo.

The Skulls and Bones gameplay trailer also featured the spyglass mechanic, where players can find lucrative trade routes or merchants to loot. Players will also be able to customize their ships to set them apart and instill fear among other pirates.

Live gameplay featured by the Skull & Bones team


The developers also showed off some actual gameplay as they came together on a contract. The Ubisoft team marked the destination they needed to travel to on a map and went to the dock to customize their ship and prepare it to set sail. Several ships were shown, and one developer chose the Brigantine.

The developers customized their ships with powerful armor and revealed a number of powerful weapons they could use on their ships, as well as pieces of furniture that the player could use for a variety of passive effects. Gameplay seemed smooth, and it was interesting to watch the other players out at sea while the developers were setting sail on their missions.

The developers also talked about how the loot works. While the ship survives near the forts, the player will land his crew and engage enemies in battle to retrieve the loot for the captain. It is important for the ship to stay in the loot zone, which is dangerous, but success means a lot of loot for the invading forces.

The Skull & Bones team has made it clear that there will be free updates in the coming years. They are planning a ton of content for Pirates after the game’s release on November 8th, 2022.

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