The gender gap affects emotional health | eCONOMY

 The gender gap affects emotional health |  eCONOMY

Emotional health has become one of the main concerns of citizens because since the covid-19 pandemic it has worsened significantly, as more than seven out of ten Spaniards admit. Since there are many differences in this area between men and women and given the proximity of the World Mental Health Day celebrated on October 10, ClosinGap presents the latest report this morning, led by the pharmaceutical company Merck and PwC: ‘Opportunity costs of the gender gap in emotional health’.

In this, it measures the gender gaps that exist in the emotional health of Spaniards, in terms of mood, health at work and self-care to conclude that women show lower values ​​of the emotional index well-being (54.6% compared to 67.4% of men) and higher in the index of emotional distress (27.4% compared to 17.5% of men), highlighting the worse state of emotional health among women, with a gap of almost 13 points, with a higher risk of suffering from mental health problems such as depression or anxiety. In fact, the two diseases have a higher prevalence among them (especially 4 and 4.5 points higher than in men, respectively), significantly affecting their quality of life and meaning more costs in social and economic terms, according to the non-profit association in which a dozen large companies and institutions participate. ClosinGap estimates that somatization, depression and anxiety contribute to the loss of 18,590 million euros for the Spanish economy, 37% of which is as a result of the gender gap that exists in the prevalence of these pathologies, that is, 6,872 million euros.

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“Gender differences in anxiety and depression have their origin in the fact that since childhood, women have to carry the emotional burden of others, to satisfy the expectations of others and not connect with the transformative ” explained psychotherapist and popularizer Luis Muiño.

The differences between men and women in the labor market, such as lower salaries and opportunities for advancement, along with the additional responsibilities around the family that they usually face more often, is a factor. of discomfort resulting in sick leave due to depression. or anxiety. 63.1% of sick leave due to mental and behavioral disorders occurred among women. These casualties are not only greater, but they last longer. In 2021, the total number of days absent for women due to these reasons will be 24.4 million and that of men 13.6 million. The economic cost in terms of lost productivity is very significant, 1,642.6 million euros, ClosinGap explains.

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Despite having less time for themselves due to the unequal burden of tasks (which means that less than half of the women sleep enough time, participate in regular physical exercise or have free time for leisure), women They have a greater self-esteem in their emotional. state and are more concerned about having and improving their emotional health. 54.9% took steps to improve their psychological/emotional well-being (do meditation exercises, see a psychologist, etc.), compared to 43.1% of men. They can play an important role in driving a society that responds to emotional challenges.

“Spain is often seen as a country with a high quality of life and it can be assumed that emotional health is better than in other European countries. However, the index of emotional well-being places us in th -17 places from 26 European countries, “said Anna Merino, director of Strategic and Economic Consulting at PwC in the presentation of the study, which in its last chapter deals with the gender gap. the emotional health of those young people, who lose the most years of healthy life in terms of depression and anxiety. Between 15 and 29 years of age the gap widens and the loss due to illness is 21% for women and 11% for men. However, the president of ClosinGap, Marieta Jiménez, emphasizes as a positive fact that young women “are more aware of their emotional state and take steps to improve it, thus becoming potential engines of change for a society less discriminatory in health disorders. . emotional”.

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