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The good and the bad of a partner, a ritual that lasts for generations

Drinking mate refers to sharing a cultural ritual that is a symbol of friendship and trust in some South American countries. (Getty Creative)

One of the players of the football team, no older than 20 years old, came to the field with a small bag, in which there was a thermos filled with hot water, a container, and a small cup without a kind of metal straw. He sat down and, before changing his shoes to play, helped himself to a meal of grass which he took out of the container, placed it in the little cup and, after some stirring, poured in a little water from the thermos; He offered the straw – called a bombilla – and calmly and gleefully poured more water. Two friends came near and started drinking from the same glass! as they shared their stories of the day. They were drinking friends, but above all sharing a cultural ritual that symbolizes friendship and trust.,

As unique as the community that makes up the state of Florida, learning about a wide variety of cultures, sharing their rituals with friends, and enjoying their stories through the flavors they have to offer in their countries of origin Not there. Thus, while the Argentine boys on the team shared a partner, a Mexican and a Venezuelan approached, commenting on what they would do in training. He immediately added them to share, surprising me because, honestly, I thought friends was a thing for older people.

Mate Is Receiving Renewed Interest Among Latino Youth Today For Its Many Benefits.  (Getty Creative)

Mate is now garnering renewed interest among young Latinos for its many benefits. (Getty Creative)

Well it didn’t work out. Mate can be taken at different times of the day and is seeing renewed interest among youth today because of its many benefits. Popularly, it is said that drinking mate infusion reduces appetite, has digestive properties, is diuretic, helps keep us alert, and stimulates physical resistance., and even relieves pain as it has analgesic properties. But let’s see what science says.

And study Published in the Journal of Functional Foods, suggests that, due to its phenolic compounds, mate consumption may contribute to the reduction of certain cardiovascular risk factors and encourages research to support the new findings.

other Research state that the magnesium contained in yerba mate produces beneficial effects for human health, a conclusion they reached after four months of observation, Study participants saw stimulation of bowel motility, reduction of fatigue, and less frequent episodes of migraine For those who were suffering. They saw an improvement in skin texture and a reduction in spasms. However, these benefits disappeared when the drink was discontinued.

According To One Study, Mate Stimulates The Movement Of The Intestines, Reduces Fatigue And Frequent Migraine Episodes.  (Getty Creative)

According to one study, mate stimulates bowel movements, reduces fatigue and frequent migraine episodes. (Getty Creative)

apart from this, Given its high content of antioxidants, it is one of the foods that delay physical aging., It is rich in flavonoids which have antiallergic, antibacterial and antiviral effects in addition to supporting the immune system, as reported in various studies. academic publication, It also contains vitamins A, B-1, B-2, C, E, carotene, pantothenic acid, calcium, potassium, iron and sodium.

note, too much of anything is not good

As if Understand According to the Argentine government’s website, the plant, whose scientific name is Ilex paraguariensis, is native to the Paraná forest, a region located between southern Brazil, eastern Paraguay and northwestern Argentina, along with those in those countries and in Uruguay. Its consumption is not only frequent but also linked to its culture and even seen as a companion in daily routine Everyone who consumes it, irrespective of their age.

According To Research, Repeated Drinking Of Mate At High Temperature Increases The Risk Of Cancer Of The Throat And Mouth.  (Getty Creative)

According to research, drinking mate at high temperatures often increases the risk of throat and mouth cancer. (Getty Creative)

For this reason, the harm caused by its excessive consumption has also been studied, because it also has some prohibitions.

In the first place, so often hot friend consumption May be associated with an increased risk of developing cancers of the esophagus, larynx, and oral cavityaccording to a review Article Scientist published which noted that “temperature-drinking- may act by damaging the mucosa or by accelerating metabolic reactions involving carcinogenic substances in tobacco and alcohol”. However, there are no solid studies that support these hypotheses through control analyzes on consumption of this beverage as a risk factor.

Also, as it is a diuretic, a moderate consumption of mate 5 a day is recommended to avoid the problem of dehydration, according to door Comprehensive Health Clinic, in Argentina.

Although Drinking Mate Is Related To The Pleasure Of Sharing On A Daily Basis, It Should Be Done In Moderation As It Contains Caffeine And Can Cause Insomnia.  (Getty Creative)

Although drinking mate is a pleasure to share on a daily basis, it should be done in moderation as it contains caffeine and can cause insomnia. (Getty Creative)

The same site warns that it is better to avoid mate during pregnancy and lactation because of its The caffeine content can cause insomnia. Also, it is not suitable for children., It is also mentioned that mate can inhibit the absorption of iron and should be avoided in case of digestive conditions like gastritis, esophagitis, gallstones and diarrhea, so before starting devotion to a product that provides thousands of benefits, Let’s think more It is good to maintain balance in whatever we eat.

mats for beginners

Since curiosity is stronger than all other feelings in my being, I investigated how to enjoy this drink and found The first step for those who are not used to the strong bitter taste of yerba mate is to use a taster., There are lemons, grapefruits, red fruits and more.

then, according to Understand In the Ma-te-dis portal, calmness and attentiveness in preparation are essential, as well as the right accessories. The typical mate cup, without a handle, is also called mate and is usually made of wood or gourd.

Mate Has A Bitter Taste, So It'S A Good Idea For Beginners To Try Flavored Versions.  (Getty Creative)

Mate has a bitter taste, so it’s a good idea for beginners to try flavored versions. (Getty Creative)

The cup should be two-thirds full with the dry herb and after covering it with your hand, shake it vigorously to ensure that all the components of the herb are mixed properly. Then, try to angle it, leaving a spot on the underside of the mate where some of the hot water will pour in.

In the same place, the bombilla is inserted well and firmly, the end of which you are going to drink with your finger, the other end is a small filter, and at the end it is covered with hot water that should not boil . You can pour hot water again and again while drinking and share it among those who come with us.,

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