The good, the bad and the worst

The good, the bad and the worst


The Querétaro State Philharmonic Orchestra (OFEQ) has a new director, Ukrainian Mark Kadin, who was chosen after a competitive process. On August 30th, Mark Kadin conducted his first concert at the beginning of the third OFEQ concert season 2023. A renovation that gives the Philharmonie a new identity without losing its original essence; Kadin’s proposal is very attractive as it aims to interpret new styles and improve sound quality. Start a new era.


Culture is not a government priority. Despite attempts to improve the administration, management and support of cultural events through a secretariat, in practice these dependencies have very limited budgets at all three levels of government. In Querétaro, 24 million pesos will be made available to the Philharmonic Orchestra, a resource that is hardly sufficient for its operation but does not guarantee the implementation of new projects with this budget.

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As funds will not be sufficient for the new OFEQ director’s work plan, Minister of Culture Marcela Herbert announced that she will form a board of trustees with which she will seek sponsorship from companies and recruit further funds to the orchestra. That means it will depend on sponsors and its work will be limited to resource management; it leads neither to innovation nor to conquest. The culture we see is the one promoted by previous governments, there is nothing new and there seems to be no intention to do things differently or better in the Secretariat led by Marcela Herbert.

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