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The good way Andrea Petro captured his brother Andres

Andrea Petro found a way for his brother Andrés not to feel absent from the momentous family moment he lived for on August 7, when his father took over as Colombia’s new president. Andres sent a video explaining why he was not in the traditional family photo of the presidential family on August 7.

“I am a refugee here in Canada and as a refugee I cannot return to my country of origin unless I have citizenship or permanent residency. I tried through various means to be able to get a special permit from Canada, but unfortunately we worked very late, didn’t have time to travel to Colombia.Confirmed the son of the president.

In that communication, Andres assured that the meeting of the family in which its members live in different countries was a very special moment, which he unfortunately could not attend.

“I am very sorry that I could not attend, especially since I could see all my sisters and brothers,” he said. in the video, He said that that day he had seen the capture through a screen And it made him sad, but at the same time he felt happy for his father, for him and his family for a special moment.

However, his sister Andrea found a really cool way for him to be in that picture for the story. He incorporated it with an image editing program. Thus, in all the photos published on Twitter, Andres Petro is seen, despite the fact that the reality is that he saw the incident through certain screens. “Don’t worry, little brother, I’ll make sure you’re always with us,” she said in a message posted on Twitter.

Before the second round of elections, Andrea Petro spoke Week About her father, her childhood in Europe, the reasons she stayed in France, her brother’s exile in Canada and what she expects from the historic treaty government. Read the interview.

Week: What are your earliest memories of your father?

Andrea Petro ( Associated Press): In Belgium, when we lived there and I was three years old, he was very jovial and cheerful. I didn’t know what Colombia was. When we came back he didn’t even speak Spanish, only French; My mom and dad had to learn to speak French because they didn’t understand me or my brother, who was a year and a half old at the time. When we got to Colombia and started seeing what politics was like, the life of a public figure, it was tough. As the years go by, someone understands more, but when you’re a kid of six, five, seven, eight, nine, even if you’re fifteen, you don’t understand why people judge you and point to you.

Semana: What do you remember about the years when you lived in Europe?

Associated Press: I never knew we were there because of the violence, I found out very late, about 12 years old. I thought my dad only went there to work. That part of the fear that we might have had in Colombia was never transmitted to us. The memories I have with him are of freedom and of our whole lives. He was going to drop us in the garden, we were holding hands. When the snow fell, he would catch a snowball and throw it at it, and he would play like that. Those were great childhood memories.

Week: Back in Colombia he studied at the French Lyceum. How was that experience?

Associated Press: The cultural trauma was brutal because I didn’t speak Spanish, neither did my brother; Therefore, the only chance we had was to integrate a French education so that we could communicate and learn to speak Spanish well. I had a French accent and the kids made fun of me. Gradually I turned completely Colombian.

Semana: How was the issue of security and given that your father was an important politician?

Associated Press: It was very difficult for him to deprive himself of the freedom he had in Europe. We started having escorts, we couldn’t leave school, our friends were embarrassed or afraid to come into our homes because there might be an attack. There were many alerts for bombs in Bogota, everyone was in a panic. already later, growing up, at the age of seven, when you understand and begin to live Naughty In school because you are someone’s son, you get a sense of reality, you start to see who you are and what you stand for.

Semana: How did your parents interpret that situation?

Associated Press: They said don’t pay attention, but you can’t tell a child to “not pay attention”; They don’t know what you live for. My brother and I have always had a strong personality, there are a lot of things that haven’t impressed us, but at the age of 12—and I know that’s happened to my sisters—that you try to hang out. Well, you have your friends, you end up sleeping in other people’s houses, and that parent, overnight, tells you “Guerrilla, communist, what are you doing here?”, or friends who tell me “I don’t want to be your friend anymore because my mom and dad were forbidden from talking to you.” I would come home and tell my mom and dad “but I don’t understand”.

Semana: Tell us about Marie Luz Heran, your mother and the ex-wife of Gustavo Petro…

Associated Press: He wrote a lot about him in his autobiography. My mother was his war ally, she was also in M-19 from an early age, she is a political woman, she has devoted her whole life to politics. People see Gustavo’s ex in her, but she is a very strong and intelligent woman and she is political like Gustavo Petro.

, Photo: Instagram-andreapetro91

SEMANA: How does he fall in love in M-19?

Associated Press: it was love at first sight. The same ideals, the same conditions, were at a time when the world crossed and they lived there for more than 15 years, nine years of marriage.

Week: At what point did you distance yourself from Gustavo Petro?

Associated Press: It was very difficult for me because I was nine and my brother was eight. Throughout the night, Dad was not around every day. It is not even that he was there every day as he already had a political career and has sacrificed his family life for the sake of politics. The family nucleus, even though we were with my mother, ran in parallel with Veronica, her current partner, and my new brothers. Sofia was just born, then came Antonella and Nicolas, who are not brothers by our blood, but we all grew up together and we always tried to preserve the nucleus of that Petro family, even though three different mothers. be.

Semana: How have you been with your father from afar and how have you met again in recent years?

Associated Press: It is very difficult because I was the first of his daughters to leave the country 12 years ago. I arrived here in France, to pursue my studies, I became free very quickly. I paid for my studies myself and I am already a professional. I always tried to pay for my expenses because they didn’t send me money and I wasn’t interested in sending them. We don’t communicate with our dad every day, but we always communicate when it’s really necessary, when we want to say “I miss you”.

Andrea and Andrés Petro are the children of the second wife of the new president of Colombia.  They both live out of the country (Andrés is in refuge in Canada), but they come to Colombia with their father on an expedition.
Andrea and Andres Petro are the children of Gustavo Petro’s second wife. They both live out of the country (Andrés is in refuge in Canada), but they come to Colombia with their father on an expedition. , Photo: Courtesy Andrea Petro

Semana: How did your brother Andres travel to Canada?

Associated Press: It was difficult for him. Half of the family was torn apart after parapolitics debates, as they had to emigrate to Canada as political refugees. It was a very important moment because we were not used to being apart. For years he should have left, he didn’t want to leave. There was a time when he was threatened by two men in TransMilenio. He regained consciousness and decided to go to Canada as a refugee to complete the dossier. The dangers began to increase; They entered the house several times, they broke the windows, we found bricks with threats; Once he cut the brakes of the car. There comes a time when you say “I have to go”.

SEMANA: How’s it living in France?

Associated Press: I have been completely normal and I love being here. Above all, to be able to give a stable life to his daughters. I work, I pay my bills, my rent, nobody gives me extra money. When I travel to Colombia, the world completely changes and I get into this role of being Gustavo Petro’s daughter.

Semana: How do you explain to your daughters that their grandfather could be the president of a country they haven’t been to?

Associated Press: They are too young to realize the magnitude of things, but they are familiar with seeing him on TV, they call him “Papa Gus”. They don’t know, it’s normal for them. They give us little rag dolls with my dad’s face on them, or they take the book and give him a little kiss, but hey, it’s about a long distance relationship. The little girl got excited seeing him. I always try to show them pictures, videos, tell them who the family is.

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