The growth of electric motorcycles in Spain does not go hand in hand

The growth of electric motorcycles in Spain does not go hand in hand with the electric car

Sales of electric motorcycles could grow up to 30% if the administration implements a direct purchase incentive plan with an assistance plan, according to Velca forecasts based on MSI data.

The Spanish electric motorcycle company indicated that, according to its forecasts, sales of electric motorcycles will fall by 11% by the end of 2023. Therefore, an incentive plan will allow the acceleration of the individual channel, which is the most affected by assistance or incentive plans, because sales in this segment fell by 30%, that is, three times more than the entire market.

As proof, the company pointed to the fact that in 2022, it materialized 40% of its turnover in the month it declared its own program ‘Moves’ that “no procedures, no paperwork, no waiting times, and no taxable because the incentive is seen by the user. directly applied to the invoice,” he added.

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In the same way, Velca detailed that until December 15, they reissued their direct incentive plan to show that “properly speaking, it can lead to the growth of the electric motorcycle market.”

In addition, they added that the negative estimates for the electric motorcycle market “contrary” to the forecasts for combustion motorcycles, whose sales will grow by more than 16% in 2023, “which will cause the market to overall end with a positive development. of 14%,” they explained.

The electric motorcycle sector activates the alarm signal

Finally, Velca regrets that the growth of “two electric wheels” does not accompany the electric car, which will grow by 73%, according to the latest data collected by the company from the automobile association Anfac.

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“Faced with this situation, the motorcycle sector activates an alarm signal because, in the context of starting the electrification of the park, if the growth should be normal and do it in double digits, the registrations of electric motorcycles fell,” he pointed out. .

In this sense, Velca believes that the administration should give more visibility to the “electrified two wheels” as an option for sustainable mobility with zero emissions and zero noise. Even the ‘Moves III’ Plan itself has a specific breakdown of motorcycles, so that it allows a car and motorcycle driver to apply for assistance and not, as is the case now, to choose one of the two options.

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For this reason, the company shows that so that the driver does not have to choose, the ‘Velca Moves’ in its 2023 edition is no different, and for this year it provides 4.5 million euros, half a million euros more than in 2022, because the direct incentive for mopeds will rise from 600 to 900 euros, while the electric motorcycle with a removable battery remains at 1,100 euros.

A direct incentive is that of the ‘Velca Moves II’ which, in addition, accumulates and is compatible with the public assistance ‘Moves’, together with the 15% tax reduction of personal income in the rental campaign, makes an electric motorcycle with a removable battery with a starting price of 4,550 euros (including registration and shipping) remain below 2,300 euros.