The Grumetes School honors the Senior Non-Commissioned Officers of the Talcahuano Naval Garrison

The Grumetes School honors the Senior Non-Commissioned Officers of the Talcahuano Naval Garrison who are retiring

After ending more than three decades of service to the Homeland in the ranks of the Chilean Navy, a group of seven Senior Petty Officers of the Talcahuano Naval Garrison reached the end of their naval career, leaving their examples as one the legacy of the new generation of sailors. of loyalty, commitment and fulfillment of duty, respecting the oath they made before God and the Flag.

This December 7, Senior Non-Commissioned Officers Cristian Oportus, Carlos Ramírez, Octavio Arévalo, Alfredo Cárcamo, Eduardo Ormazábal, Mauricio Figueroa and Héctor Herrera returned to the site of the “Alejandro Navarrete Cisterna” Cabin Boy School, where they proudly displayed the highest rank of seamen rank, formed at the head of the presentation regiment, to be honored in the same place where they began their life at sea and to draw their command saber for the last time to give honor in the School Pavilion .

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The ceremony was led by the Commander in Chief of the Second Naval Zone, Commodore Oscar Manzano, where the Unit Commanders, Heads of Departments, comrades in arms and their respective families.

The Director of the Cabin Boy School, Captain Alejandro Arrieta, led the reading of the speech to say goodbye to them for the Second Naval Zone, emphasizing that “we are in the Training Ground of the School in this ceremony, where The the old generation and those who succeed us will unite.”

To which he added, “today we have these sailors and their families with us, whom we thank for their services to the Motherland and for all the effort given these years. The Navy thanks you for all your commitment and in front of everyone present we recognize your career. The Cabins next to them gave them the spies and watched them with admiration as they set sail for a new phase of their lives.

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Concluding his words of recognition for the Senior Non-Commissioned Officers, Commander Arrieta addressed the Cabin Boys, pointing out that “next to you is the example you should follow. They live like you, they know when how to overcome all the tests that the School imposed on them and after overcoming the obstacles and demands of the naval career and life, follow their rise because they are the clear example that the goals can be met “.

Within the framework of this farewell ceremony, Senior Petty Officers Carlos Ramírez and Octavio Arévalo received the Chilean Navy’s Great Merit Decoration, as a professional and worthy distinction in recognition of their 34 years of exemplary service. The distinction was imposed by Commodore Manzano, who was accompanied by Commander Arrieta and the respective division commanders.

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The farewell ceremony ended with the parade of the Presentation Detachment, composed of students from the naval training staff, who to the sounds of the “30 Years Memory” march, gave a farewell tribute to the Senior Petty Officers who are leaving the ranks. . in the institution.