The hard and painful decision that Monica Farrow made at the age of 46


“You were a very young mother to your first child and now you are in stage second with Leandro, would you like to be a mom with him?”They asked him on the behind-the-scenes radio, AM 540.

“We thought about it at some point and she has a 9-year-old son who is my stepson and I can’t have kids anymore so I won’t be a mother anymore. I wouldn’t want to go any other way than to give. My own kids Born on I have my dog ​​Luna which I love her and she always sleeps, she is very fluffy and we are so cool” Told Faro.

“Because I’ve burned my tubes; they’re cut and it’s for life. It’s not like at some point you can undo it and go back to your normal life, like when they got tied up.” I had them years ago and everything I did. They were cut after a very important conversation with my husband,” revealed.

He then went on to describe how the decision affected him: “We decided on it consciously because it was something for life. I did it when I was 43 and now I’m 46. It was a decision we took together, something complicated for me and Was strong because it took hold after the operation I like a kind of depression, a huge agony because I felt like I wasn’t a woman anymore. I know not being a mother again has to do with being a woman -Don’t give in, but at that moment I felt like psychologically it affected me a lot.”

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The hard and painful decision that Monica Farrow made at the age of 46

Monica Farro moves and sells everything: look at the prices of her things

monica farro Packing boxes for carrying. Vedette announced that she was leaving her house and renovating everything she knew had some of her furniture and sporting goods for sale.

Through her WhatsApp states, Gora created a one-of-a-kind American fair where she published photos of various products put up for sale, such as a chair, a stationary bicycle and ceiling lights.

Brito’s messenger Announced, “She’s moving on and she’s selling everything.” “We’re going to help him,” he added with humor and then showed off some products.

Then the manufacturers appeared: “breakfast table 15,000 pesos, 2.20 m sofa bed 70,000 pesos, a stationary bicycle 40,000 pesos”, “ceiling fixture 70 cm in diameter, set 8,000 pesos. And a table of 1.80 m by 80 cm and six wooden ones.” chairs 30 thousand pesos”.

On the forum of LAM, America, panelists criticized him because the prices were too high, while others criticized him and highlighted the quality of the products.


The hard and painful decision that Monica Farrow made at the age of 46

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