The hard loss that Carmen Barbieri suffered

one more time, Carmen Barbieri He used his location in his television program to reveal something about his personal life. on this occasion, Said goodbye with tears in the eyes of a great friend who passed away untimely.

“No one is going to forget you. We love you,” he said. Carmen Barbieri Knowing the great pain caused by the death of the theatrical producer, Lino Petalano. In the middle of the show, Capocomica reveals her great friendship with the businessman and the pain that caused her to say goodbye.

The hard loss that Carmen Barbieri suffered
Carmen could not bear to say goodbye.

Carmen Barbieri He couldn’t hold back his tears when he remembered his friend Lino Patalano. The producer’s death was surprising and he decided to dedicate a portion of this morning’s broadcast to him to honor his career and friendship.


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