The Hummingbird Renewal: Miguel Borja’s New Look at the River

The Hummingbird Renewal: Miguel Borja's New Look at the River

The hummingbird began to fly high in Nez. arrival of Miguel Borgia raised great hope River And a few minutes on the court was enough to win the love of the people. Apart from the applause he received to commemorate When he made his second-half debut against gymnastics, when he arrived in Mardel, people showed their love to him at the door of the Hotel Costa Galana. And his first goal and two assists with Banda against Aldoivi were good signs.

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This Sunday, before Sarmiento, TV cameras will follow him closely and photographers are preparing to have him in their sights at all times. And to coincide with the upcoming gala night in Nez, in which he can celebrate his classic goal for the first time at home, The Colombian changed the look.

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Borja and a new cut.  Instagram hairdresser_il_figaro

Borja and a new cut. Instagram hairdresser_il_figaro

With the smile that already characterizes him, he enjoyed a few touch-ups: “We are here with Panita, the cut turned out great, you have it clear”articulated MB9 in collaboration with the renowned Taino of Il Figaro hairdressers, who usually go to separate training sessions and concentrations of First Division teams to make different cuts.

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Meanwhile, waiting for Borja’s verdict. Marcelo Gallardo To find out whether he will start again from the bench or whether he will debut with Lucas Beltrán as a first-time starter, the pair for whom River fans are crying out as reflected in the survey hail, With about 13,000 votes, 87% want to see him go against Junin’s votes from the start. Yes, 9 out of 10 tell the doll to play with a double 9. Will he pay attention to Esquiel Barco’s injury?

Lucas Beltrán and Miguel Borja celebrate with Solari in Mardel.  River Press.

Lucas Beltrán and Miguel Borja celebrate with Solari in Mardel. River Press.

For now, Borja, The one who made his first scream in just 32 minutes, beating the top scorers of the Gallardo cycle such as Nacho Scocco and Lucas Alario, determined to forget Julian lvarez and a sensation in both Nez and Colombia, where it was a trend after the game against Tiburón. Yes, the Colombian is made into a small machine…

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Borgia’s new look

Barco’s injury

Esquiel finished this Friday’s exercise with muscle fatigue in the left hamstring And it is true that he will lose the match against Verde.

river potential 11

Franco Armani; Milton Helmets, Emmanuel Mammana / Paul Diaz, David Martinez, Eliza Gomez; Enzo Perez; James Simon, Rodrigo Aliandro, Augustin Palavecino, Nicolas of the Cross / Miguel Borja; Lucas Beltran.