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The importance of integrating storytelling into your strategy

In an increasingly digitalized world, brands and companies face an increasingly complex challenge: to stand out. In this context, storytelling was, is and remains the best way to stand out from the crowd and connect with potential customers.

As time and technology advances, storytelling has become the cornerstone of brands. This is the most effective way to connect with audiences and generate engagement. If you want to capture the attention of new consumers, make the most of storytelling.

What is storytelling?

Storytelling is the art of telling stories. It was always present, only it became enormously popular with the advance of the digital age. The truth is that Bill Gates talked about this a long time ago, precisely in 1996. The founder of Microsoft explained and emphasized that “Content is King” (Content is king, in original language). This quote has become a maxim within the marketing industry.

This tool, which you should incorporate into your content strategy, is a simple form of communication that uses narrative to convey a message. Through stories, people connect and feel challenged. The more complex or far-fetched the message, the harder it will be to capture the attention of the other side of the screen.

Once the story is well communicated, all you have to do is wait for the connection between users and your brand. You can empathize with both the experiences and the characters within them, depending on your own story and what you want to convey.

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Why is it important to integrate this tool into your marketing and communications strategy?

Through the good use of storytelling, you can build emotional bonds with your customers. This inevitably leads to greater loyalty and engagement. If you want to build lasting relationships and increase your brand loyalty, this is the base of your pyramid.

In addition to this type of relationship between brand and user, you also create empathy. By connecting from an emotional side, understanding is multiplied. This way it’s much easier to strum a chord and you avoid getting into a trite situation.

It also increases engagement because you can capture the attention of countless users with your story. To maintain the audience’s interest, it is important that you use the storytelling technique efficiently and sensitively. To reach this stage, you undoubtedly need to be clear about what your story is and how you want to tell it.

How do I create stories that connect?

Some consider this to be the million dollar question, but nothing could be further from it. To engage with your audience, you need to prioritize the following factors:

  • authenticity: Logically, the most compelling stories are those that have an added authenticity that sets them apart from the rest. Brands that are transparent in their communications and authentic in their stories are more likely to connect.
  • relevance: It’s a must if you want to create authentic stories. Yes or yes, they must have their own weight, with relevant, interesting and attractive content.
  • Brevity: Although it may seem contradictory, people’s attention is limited. Use this time to tell stories that stand out in a short amount of time.
  • Knowledge about your audience: Before you think about telling a story, it’s important to know your own audience. Ask yourself this: Who are they? They care? What are you interested in?
  • Leave an unforgettable message: Use descriptive and detailed language to create memorable stories that resonate with your audience.
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These are some of the factors that determine whether storytelling is successful. Pay careful attention to the smallest details and figure out the best way to tell your story.

Storytelling: examples and success stories

Some of the world’s most iconic brands rose to fame thanks to their storytelling. Brands like Nike, Coca Cola, Starbucks, IKEA and Apple gave each of their stories the meaning they truly deserved.

Nike is known worldwide, but its rise was difficult. When other brands such as Adidas, Puma and Converse were already positioning themselves as role models when it came to shoes, the pipe brand gradually began to tell its story.

At the end of the last century, the company launched an advertisement focused on the successful career of Michael Jordan, one of the best athletes in history. Instead of trying to sell like its main competitors, Nike focused on telling an authentic and valuable story. The rest of the story is known.

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Have you ever wondered why everyone wants an iPhone? Apple has made a point of putting the customer before the product. That’s why, with every new launch, entire city blocks line up to get the latest gear on the market.

In this sense, Apple also builds trust and a sense of community in the long term. After all, this is a brand that values ​​the best possible quality and never lets you down.

Another case of resounding and recognized success is that of Johnnie Walker Whiskey. His story is about a man who walks and advances until he reaches his goal. The slogan is known all over the world: “Keep going.”

This man builds his own company step by step without stopping. This is a clear focus of empathy that can affect anyone. On the other hand, the brand is not explicitly trying to sell its drink, but rather an overall experience.

For those people who want to build empathy and a deep connection with their audience, storytelling is an essential tool. Incorporate this technique into your marketing strategy and build lasting relationships.

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