The incest father receives the maximum penalty


A father who used his daughter as a sex slave for more than a decade will receive the maximum sentence for incest. Jean Blais will spend 14 years in prison. A relief for the victim, who spent five years in court due to many postponements.

This was a heavier sentence than the Crown had proposed, ie 12 years. For Cynthia Blais, the victim at the heart of the case, an endless nightmare ended Monday morning at the Laval courthouse. Tears make his eyes shine. He showed a smile of relief. Finally, it’s over.

“I didn’t even think it was possible to have such light shoulders. I have my life on hold, now I can move forward and make plans,” he confessed at the end of the sentence.

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We can name him because he lifted the publication ban that protected his identity and that of his attacker.

It is rare for a judge to exceed the sentence proposed by the Crown.

“Incest is like murder without a corpse,” said Judge Serge Cimon while announcing the sentence of Jean Blais, who was sentenced to 14 years in prison. It’s a very heavy sentence for the man accused of sexually assaulting his daughter, while the Crown is seeking 12 years in prison.

He treated her like his wife

Cynthia Blais watched the children’s show Bob is the Founder on television the first time her father raped her. He was seven years old.

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He started again in less than a week, then continued once or twice a week. The touch turned into a full-blown sexual assault.

When he pointed out that it hurt, she told him that he would “get used to it.”

Jean Blais continued to manipulate her daughter during her teenage years. If he wants pocket money, spend the night at a friend’s house, go to a restaurant or a movie theater, he should promise to give her oral sex. (…) You have to pay to get the minimum “privilege. »

The defense lawyer, Mr.e Mario Lavigne asked for five years for his client.

In his reading of the forty-page verdict, Judge Cimon emphasized the strength and courage of Cynthia Blais, who went from victim to survivor. “Now he is a fighter who is slowly and surely regaining control of his life,” greeted the judge.

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