The mood of the people of the country regarding the car has started changing. Now people are buying more cars in the SUV segment, not hatchbacks. Especially micro and mid SUVs have now become the first choice of people. As a result, demand for cars from the country’s largest car companies Maruti and Hyundai declined in April. These two companies lost more than 10% on an annual basis. On the other hand, Tata, which has come up with many great models one after another, has become the first choice of the people. Not only that, the budget luxury car maker Skoda in India has got a growth of more than 400%. In April 2022, most people bought a car from a company, you know.

Skoda cars pulled people
डाkoda sold 961 cars in April 2021, but the company’s sales figure changed completely throughout the year. It sold 5,152 cars in April 2022, surpassing giants like Maruti, Hyundai, Tata, Mahindra. That means the company got a banging growth of 436% on an annual basis. Even though other companies sold far more units than Skoda, they did not stay close to it in terms of growth. डाkoda sold 4,191 units on an annual basis last month. Surprisingly, the overall sales of companies like MG, Nissan, Volkswagen, Jeep, Force were less than this figure.

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Now the first choice of Tata people
2021 has been extremely glorious for Tata. While the company launched Punch, Ultroz ​​also received a tremendous response from customers. Alam is that so far the demand for these two cars remains. Tata sold 41,587 units last month with an annual growth of 65%. In April 2021, the company had sold 25,095 cars. That means the company sold 16,492 units more last month. Demand for Tata’s 5-Star Safety Rated Punch and Ultroz ​​is highest. These cars are also getting long waiting. The fact is that companies like Maruti and Hyundai also lagged behind in terms of growth.

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Sales of Maruti, Hyundai cars declined
Maruti sold more than 1 lakh cars last month, but its sales declined by 10.22% on an annual basis. In April 2021, Maruti had sold 1,35,879 cars. In April 2022, it sold 1,21,995 cars. That is 13,884 units sold less. On the other hand, Hyundai also lost 10.21% on an annual basis. The company sold 44,001 cars last month. However, in April 2021, it sold 49,002 cars. That is, 5,001 units sold less on an annual basis. Similarly, Honda has lost 13.21% on an annual basis and Renault has lost 12.13%.