The interior of the Ford Puma 2024 awaits the arrival of the electric debut

The interior of the Ford Puma 2024 awaits the arrival of the electric debut

He ford puma 2024 will have a lot to teach us, especially as the final part of the year approaches One hundred percent electric version, but before Ford’s best selling model We are going to get an interesting update to strengthen our position in segment b SUV One of the most competitive on the market.

The changes will particularly affect interior part, which has become increasingly digital. There will also be new details in its exterior image and some minor restructuring of the range without changing the engine offering, which will continue to focus on fruitful engines. 1.0 EcoBoost With soft electrification.

The 2024 model is an update to the current generation. In the image, the most powerful version.

External development, internal revolution

outside the ford puma 2024 Not much changes, but its different ‘look’ emerges Its headlights are brand new. and are expressed through a updated visual signature, claw-shaped. Besides, it attracts attention Presentation of new logo Upgraded to the adjacent Explorer, which is now located in the center of the grill.

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In titanium versions this element will be presented without chrome. there also Specifications vary depending on finish: For example, the ST-Line X sports car with the most powerful engine receives a rear spoiler Or for example, the ST-Line offers a bumper with a more sporty design.

with everything, it will be indoors Where the development of PUMA is more appreciated. especially when we pay attention to it dual digital display Large size, with monitor 12.8 inches for instrument panel which is complementary 12 inch center Now in a floating layout (and which will control multiple functions, to the extent of minimizing the number of physical buttons).

The interior of the new Puma is completely different from the existing one.

The Puma Electric will incorporate one from the Explorer sound bar Is integrated into the dashboard and will include fashionable elements like modern interiors ambient lighting A panel for panoramic glass roof or wireless charging Of mobile phone.

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He puma 2024 will present a nice bouquet of advanced driving assistant Like a 360 degree camera, reverse automatic braking, Rear Cross Traffic Alert or Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control, among others. This will also include a double bottom for trunk (called Megabox) which increases the functionality of the trunk – 456 liters – by providing more height for loading (for example, to accommodate golf clubs upright).

Three gasoline options await electric

Real ford puma has already abandoned diesel engines to focus on its offering EcoBoost Gasoline with Microhybridization, a resource that allows to offer friendly environmental labels to its customers in Spain. These three will be retained in the 2024 range Version 1.0 of 125, 155 and 170 horses With power (all with PowerShift automatic transmissions and even the ‘small’ ones with manual option). 48 volt mild hybrid system,

The trunk of the 456 liter Puma has a double bottom which enhances its functionality.

A’s conversation Starter Motor/Generator Allows you to recover energy from braking and deceleration and deploy it while driving, fuel saving and emissions (except to allow longer periods of disconnection for thermal engines). Thus, the Puma 1.0 EcoBoost mild hybrid can standardize fuel consumption Between 5.3 and 6.0 liters on average.

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The most powerful version of the small American gasoline engine 170 horses And a maximum torque of 248 Nm will be offered initially with the finish st line x, although it will also later power the sportier Puma ST. The version initially on sale will be different due to its larger size 19″ gray wheels A distinctive front where a splitter (the lower lip of the bumper) stands out along with the logo. ford performance A distinctive design for this edition is the front and elements in black Distributed throughout the exterior (roof, mirrors, grill…). inside ford performance sports seats Which will be equipped as per the standards.


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