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 The Italian company will apply a 4-day working day:

The company behind the famous Ray-Ban brand sunglasses has announced that its 15 thousand workers will be able to work 4 days a week. This will provide “greater security in life and work,” said the company’s president.

The Italian company EssilorLuxottica, a global leader in the manufacture of glasses, will experimentally introduce the four day work week in Italy in 2024, the company and the unions confirmed this Thursday in a statement.

The agreement was signed with the national union organizations, Filctem CGIL, Femca CISL and Uiltec UIL, to renew the business contract for the 2024-2026 triennium and affect the 15,000 employees in the group in factories in Italy.

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The agreement, among other novelties, introduces the “short weeks” for the first time in the factories of the Group in the country of “changing working hours and managing productive flexibility to experience the factory with a new vision. ”

The idea is to “restore a sustainable and structured way of “the natural need for time and quality of employees to manage their own personal commitments and the need for continuity and scheduling of business activity.”

This “experimental” model will allow workers who want to cut a day from their weeks, “usually on Friday” for a maximum of 20 weeks a year, while others must work a full five-day day.

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This possibility will be implemented next year and no effect on salary, reading the note.

“The innovation, initially introduced experimentally in some divisions and productive areas, is framed in a dynamic business context and “Offers an innovative solution to design one’s own work schedule based on personal needs,” he added.

The Group, a global leader in the design, manufacture and sale of glasses, is present in more than 150 countries with brands such as Ray-Ban, Oakley or Persol agreed to hire nearly 1,500 people permanently in Italy.

The president and CEO of EssilorLuxottica, Francesco Milleri, celebrated this agreement “inspired by the principles of equality and inclusion” and which, in his opinion, provide “greater life and job security” of the company’s workers.

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