The Japanese trick doctors tell us to do to slim down

The Japanese trick doctors tell us to do to slim down

Japanese are the most longevity of the world And one of the keys is diet. They eat fermented foods such as natto (fermented soybeans) which have a protective effect on health and there is scientific evidence for this. it’s very common in japan cross the 80 years barrier and there are many people centenaryBut it’s not just what they eat, but how much they eat. The Japanese have a habit of not filling their stomachs during meals. Just the opposite of “putting your shoes on” or finishing your plate, even though the portions are large. He habit of getting up from the table A great formula for when we’ve had enough but don’t feel full don’t eat calories that we won’t burn And they’ll make us fat.

feeling satisfied but not full

the concept of stop eating on time It comes from the island of Okinawa, which is popular for having one of the longest-lived populations. practice is called hara hachi bu and that includes eating until you’re a 80% complete,

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The secret to achieving it lies in eat until we’re satisfied but not full And it has many health benefits. Avoid overweight and improves glucose control and prevents diabetes, Experts say that eating less also prevents diseases cancer and other chronic diseases associated with aging.

secret of being slim

Hara hachi bu, or eating until you’re only 80% full, is one reason why the Japanese Thin, And it is logical because it is not what you eat but how much you eat that matters. you can spend a heat stroke But if you compensate by eating less in the next meal, you will not gain weight.

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See how consuming just 125 more calories each day for a year can give you extra calories you gain 6kg of fat in those 12 months,

control of glucose levels

Too much food rich in simple carbohydrates causes it blood glucose spikes Because sugar easily crosses the intestinal barrier.

glucose spikes favor the development of type 2 diabetes and obesity because sugars Accumulation as fat.

Eating foods rich in fiber and not eating large meals contributes better glucose control,

eating less increases life

there is scientific evidence linking calorie restriction Together Life expectancy,

studies on rats have shown Limit daily calories (eat 20% less) prolongs life. The reason is that it reduces the shortening of telomeres. Telomeres are pieces of DNA found in ends of chromosomes, They can be compared to the protection on the ends of a shoelace. Over the years, telomeres fray and shorten, leaving the cell’s DNA vulnerable.

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studies have shown a direct connection between length chromosomes And this Ageing, It has also been shown to be associated with cancer: the truncated the chromosome, the greater the risk of the cell not working properly.

people who live many years have long telomeres, It is the case of the Japanese. and this may be one of the reasons They don’t eat much. Let’s not forget that digestion is a process in which free radicals are generated. If food is too high, the amount of free radicals is too high and they can damage cells.


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