The Jito Foundation is strengthening its stewardship of the Solana ecosystem with the launch of the JTO token

The Jito Foundation is strengthening its stewardship of the Solana ecosystem with the launch of the JTO token


  • The Jito Foundation launched the JTO token to decentralize the management of its liquid staking protocol in Solana, issuing one billion tokens with the aim of strengthening community participation.
  • The careful distribution of JTO tokens, with 10% going to airdrops for the community, highlights the foundation’s commitment to sustainable growth and active member participation in decision-making.
  • Jito Labs, which is supported by the Jito Foundation, demonstrated the stability of more than 40% of Solana’s weight using its MEV network. Additionally, the $10 million Series A financing cements Jito’s key role in the Solana ecosystem.

The Jito Foundation, a key player in the Solana (SOL) ecosystem, has taken a strategic step by launching its governance token, JTO, to run the Solana-based liquid staking protocol. With the issuance of 1 billion JTO tokens, of which 115 million are in circulation, the foundation intends to decentralize the management of the Jito Network, which includes critical operations such as the management of the JitoSOL staking pool, revenue oversight and DAO treasury management.

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Jito JTO Token Airdrop Strengthens Solana Network’s Community Role

The meticulous distribution of JTO tokens shows careful planning, allocating 34% for community growth, 25% for ecosystem development, 24.5% for core collaborators, and the rest which is 16% for investors. This work underscores the foundation’s commitment to fostering community engagement and sustainable ecosystem growth. In addition, in recognition of the role of the community in the success of the network, 10% of the tokens will go to an airdrop to members of the Jito community, ensuring their active participation in management from the beginning.

The Jito Foundation’s approach to governance reflects the modern trend of decentralized networks, where community members play an important role in decision-making processes. This strategy strengthens community participation and improves the resilience and adaptability of the network.

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Jito Labs, an integral part of the Jito Foundation, is focused on building infrastructure to mitigate the negative impacts of Solana’s Maximum Extractable Value (MEV). The foundation revealed that the MEV network of its validators is currently used by more than 40% of Solana’s weight, an important achievement that demonstrates the strength and reliability of the network.

Jito Foundation Governance and Transparency Structure

Jito Foundation’s governance structure is designed to be transparent and accountable, managed by two independent directors and a supervisor from FFP Corporate Services. Webslinger, an advisory firm with experience in major crypto projects, will be the administrator of the DAO. In a new step, token holders have the final authority to remove the supervisor and directors, ensuring that the foundation remains aligned with the interests of the community.

Jito Labs has attracted incredible attention and support in the crypto community, with investors such as Solana Ventures and Anatoly Yakovenko, co-founder of Solana Labs. position in the Solana ecosystem. Other investors such as Alameda Research, Delphi Digital and Robot Ventures have highlighted broad industry support for Jito’s initiatives.

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Solana Ecosystem Management and Sustainability Model

Jito Foundation’s governance model, supported by the Constitution, Bylaws, Articles and Memorandum of Association, promises more details in the future to maintain transparency and stakeholder engagement. Regular transparency reporting will be a constant feature, ensuring that all actions and decisions are open to stakeholder scrutiny.

The introduction of JTO tokens by the Jito Foundation marks a significant step in the evolution of the Solana-based liquid staking protocol. By empowering community members and stakeholders in the governance process, the foundation sets a new standard for decentralized network governance. With strong support from key industry players and a clear commitment to transparency and community engagement, the Jito Foundation is poised to play an important role in the future of Solana’s ecosystem.