The journalist from Semana introduced himself as a soldier and this is what they told him

            From left to right, Colombian soldiers (R) murdered in Ukraine: Diego Uluque, Jairo Bahamon, Jhonatan Chimbaco and Joan Cerrone.

A journalist introduced himself to the Ukrainian citizen as a retired soldier who was in charge of recruiting several citizens to transfer to battalions on the other side of the planet; Many have died.

He gave two hints via WhatsApp:

“Come to the city of Ternopil and call me, I will prepare the whole package of documents.”

When questioned about the requirements that needed to be met, the subject briefly stated that the only requirements were a passport, being in the area legally and having money to stay in hotels for two weeks.

The alien also commented: “I do everything else, I have many options to serve you,” referring to the three options those who join the battle have: First Line (when fighting in a mission ), second line (when you are close to the combat unit) and third line (internal procedures, dispatch).

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The latter is exclusive to Ukrainians, while others are distributed among citizens who dare to attack Russians and visitors, mostly from low-income countries. The Colombians are located in the first two units, which are the most dangerous and constantly pursued by the enemies.

The best paid is the first line, about 12 million pesos per month. However, the character does not reveal that many soldiers undergo two months of intense and dangerous trials where 3 million pesos are distributed to them. In a stroke of luck and miracle, they could manipulate the promise.

Luis Alberto Cerón was one of the soldiers who traveled from Colombia to Ukraine and went to the front lines, with the aim of collecting large sums of money and returning safely to the country. In conversation with Semana, he provided a shocking account of the war that he experienced firsthand in the European arena.

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He wore the uniform for a month and a half: “It’s like being in a movie. You go, you enter your trench and, all the time, you are hearing grenades and bullets. Yes, it’s like being in a movie, but you’re living it. Fearing death and facing pressure from his family, he decided to step down.

However it was one episode in particular that prompted him to leave the country and seek refuge in Poland. The soldier denounced that the Ukrainian army singled out the unit that was composed of Colombians, who tried to balance those sent by the Russians to kill at any cost.

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Luis Alberto Cerón did not hesitate to abandon the risky armed struggle: “We all left the base because we were abandoned, they left us involved in the fighting. “The Ukrainians themselves, some of their colleagues, were shot.” The government accepted his resignation without any reprimand.

Before his eyes, a cousin and a Latino friend died. Explosives delivered by drones are the most deadly. He kept carrying the grave on his shoulders every moment. In the midst of suffering, he wanted to privilege his life and give his family peace of mind: “You risk being killed, it’s too hard.”


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