The judgment of the lawsuit made by Estefi Berardi against Yanina Latorre is known: what the judge ordered

The judgment of the lawsuit made by Estefi Berardi against Yanina Latorre is known: what the judge ordered

In the middle of summer, a real war broke out between them Yanina Latorre y Estefi Berardi in what is known as the washing machine-gate. It’s all over Sofia Aldrey discover that Fed Bal He cheated on her many times. First, he suspected, it was correct because the actor used the washing machine at dawn, he always does laundry, and the businessman found out because it was connected to his cell phone.

Aldrey went into the computer, which Fede had left open, and recorded everything on his cell phone. He sent it, the complete list of women with him, to Latorre, and He recounted the scandal, but did not name names. The next day, Marcela Taurus He is the one who leaked Berardi’s name. Because of this, the panelist paused for a moment, then left. LAM, and promised needs for everyone, but attacked only Yanina and Sofia.

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Justice was issued and in the last hours, at LAM, they gave the result. “The judge decided to accept the lack of active standing filed according to the guidelines and scope shown here. Therefore, reject Yanina Arusa (real last name of the panelist) and María Sofía Aldrey” read part of the sentence Angel De Brito.

It is worth noting that Fede tried to stop Estefi, he did not want to know anything about his confrontation with his former partner, but he could not convince her. It is said that the businessman did not lie, and if he made it public it was because of the pain in his chest, and he understood that part.

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But then Latorre intervened to clarify the issue. “I want to tell the truth, that we don’t lie, we don’t confuse people,” he said and clarified: “The cover of this complaint is ‘breach of a secret’, where he, when he presented his evidence and made all his written and defense, “All the time he insisted that Sofía and I – I never showed the chats – he insisted that it was a lie, that they were lies, that they were armed…”

“They don’t know who, because he didn’t blame anyone for the armed attack, and all the time he insists that they are liars, but that we have both broken a secret. The answer is that if the plaintiff himself says that the chats are false, the defendants can never violate a secret,” emphasized the panelist.

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On the other hand, he pointed to what Berardi said, which the judge, according to him, said was all wrong. “He, to confuse or because he was angry that he was wrong, it was published that the chats were false, and the judge never said that, because the case was never studied. “It’s not even a reason to continue the trial.”