The judicial power of Tlaxcala, present at national events to strengthen justice in Mexico

The judicial power of Tlaxcala, present at national events to strengthen justice in Mexico - ABC Tlaxcala

In the first semester of 2023, the Superior Court of State Justice (TSJE), presided over by Magistrate Mary Cruz Cortes Ornelas, received and attended to 3,603 promotions of various requests, generating 256 hearings. Public.

In addition, it entered into various agreements on behalf of the judiciary, including those with the State Ministry of Culture, the Executive Secretariat of the Anti-Corruption System of Tlaxcala State, and the Ministry of Finance.

In the period from January to June 2023, work meetings of the Council of State Judiciaries (CJEs) were convened to discuss issues relating to investigation files of alleged administrative responsibility and conclusion procedures, analyzed by the “Forum on Judicial Career” . Law”, presentation of the project for the interaction, coexistence and area of ​​attention of girls, boys and adolescents of the judiciary, technical equipment of the courtrooms of the Houses of Justice of Guridi and Alcocer and Sánchez Piedras, the 2023 budget exercise, and among others Annual program of internal control and administrative audit.

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In addition, five visits to foreign jurisdictions were made to monitor and deliver computer equipment.

According to the first semi-annual report presented by Judge Marie Cruz Cortes Ornelas, the judicial branch participated in various national and state events, including the 2023 1st and 2nd Ordinary Plenary Meetings of the National Commission of the Superior Court of Justice of the United Mexican States . (CONATRIB), and the working meetings organized by it with members of the Chamber of Deputies and the Chamber of Senators of the Union Congress, on the occasion of the implementation of national civil and family procedures.

Further, the 2023 National Drill, the first extraordinary session and the second ordinary session of the State System for the Prevention, Care, Punishment and Elimination of Violence against Women; First Ordinary and Extraordinary Sessions of the State Council Against Human Trafficking; and United Women Against Corruption Forum.

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In addition, he was part of the delivery of certification renewal certificates to public facilitators of the State Center for Alternative Justice of the State Superior Court of Justice and the presentation of general results of the National Census for Justice Administration 2022. In charge of the Institute National Statistics and Geography (INEGI).

It is noteworthy that, from the Legal Department, legal matters were addressed in which the Judiciary is a procedural party, and various well-founded opinions were issued and legal advice was given to the heads of the CJE’s technical bodies.

These activities came to the notice of 68 cases in various court proceedings, 33 appearances in labor hearings, 42 amparo and 14 labor agreements.

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Marie Cruz Cortés stressed that the administration of justice for the benefit of the Tlaxcalan population “is the work of those of us who make up the local judicial community.


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